Dirty Brother

I always enjoy dirty teasing especially when it's my naughty bro! Email if you desire to buy content, custom video, or request.  scatgoddess@gmail.com

#2031 Dirty Panty Farts for Bro, 12 m

I know that my dirty bro secretly loves my sexy ass. I have been wearing my white panties getting them nice and worn, so you can smell me good. Follow me while I let you watch me take a big poo on the toilet, pull up my panty and add lots of farts in them. I want you to smell your naughty bro and do as I say, so I don't ever tell Mom & Dad our secret.


#2028 Come Here Dirty Big Bro, 14 min

Come here my dirty big bro. I know how much you love staring at my ass. since you think about it all the time, I have a surprise for you. I lift up my short dress and have you smell and lick my ass. Then, I make you lick up my dirty asshole after pooping. I will keep our little secret from Mom and Dad as long as you keep pleasing your sis's dirty unwashed and gassy asshole.


#540 A Big Thick Shit Burger for my Brother, 1:07:18s

It has pleased me to make my annoying step brother wait and crave his sister’s shit for so long. While my bro has been dreaming of his sister feeding him shit again, his darling sis has been saving and preparing nasty things to add to the big thick shit burger. This time bro, you will have no escape I am going to force feed you, and I also prepared a special shitty lube/drink for you as well. I know how much you need your sexy step sister’s shit down your throat and all over your cock! 

#204 My Brother Needs My Shit, 9:47s

I am nine months prego and I want my dirty brother to worship my sexy big belly, swollen breasts, and my especially my yummy shit! I always love teasing you, my dirty bro with my hot body. I go to the bathroom and remove the pink anal plug that I have been wearing in my ass for a few hours. I know that you have been spying on me, so now my naughty brother will have to watch as I remove all the shit from my big ass. As I am trying to get all of my poop out, I make a mess pissing everywhere! I collect all of my powerful preggo hot poop balls, then I show the handful of turds that I collected from my big ass. Since you like watching me go to the bathroom, and spying on your pregnant sister, I want you to eat all of my prego hot turds from my ass.

#114 Naughty Dirty Brother, 12:05s

I have caught my dirty bro with a pair of my dirty panties as well as spying on me while I was going to the bathroom. I tell you that you need to do as I say, or his little secret will be out of the bag to Mom and Dad! I take off my panties and tell you my dirty bro to start cleaning them up with your mouth. I have been enjoying wearing my panties without wiping my pussy or asshole, knowing that I would make my bro clean up his dirty sis’ panties! Since I know you have been enjoying smelling and tasting my dirty worn cummy panties, I am going to make my naughty dirty bro worship all that comes out of my sexy body. Since you wanted to spy on me while I was going to the bathroom, you must watch your sexy sister shit. I lay on my side, so you can watch the shit coming out of my ass. I want you my brother to taste my shit to please me. Since this is the first time I making you taste my poop, I begin sucking on my own poop teaching you to properly clean up my sexy dirty asshole and eating my sexy shit. I love when my bro has his filthy sister’s shit in his mouth, it keeps my pussy so wet! 

#133 Dirty Bro Panty Instructions, 10:52s

My ass is dirty my naughty brother, and I want you to clean your sexy sister up. It makes me so horny thinking about my naughty bro smelling my worn underwear, but now you must do as I say or your dirty secret will be revealed. I make you watch as I play with my messy ass with my anal plug. I know you really wish you could fuck your sis’ messy asshole! I suck my anal plug after taking it out of my ass teaching you how I wish to be pleased and cleaned up! My pussy is so wet, so I allow you to watch me finger myself because I love watching your cock get so hard. I want you to think of my sexy body at all times. Now you are my dirty brother to control! I want you to worship all of my body and all that pleases me or your secret will be spilled to Mom and Dad, and you don’t want that…so you must OBEY your sister.  


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