Dirty Cummy Panties

I tend to wear my panties over and over again, and I don't like washing my panties in the washing machine. It pleases me the best to have my powerful scents enjoyed by my fans and slaves once I have finished wearing my dirty panties. Smell, Taste, Jerk, Wear My Panties. Email if you desire to buy content, panties, custom video or request.   scatgoddess@gmail.com

#1093 Dirty Scented Pink Cheetah Panties

Enjoy watching while I dirty up a sexy little pink and black panty for you to keep enjoying.l I want you to cum hard enjoying my scents and juices of my sexy pussy and dirty asshole. Lick up my sweet pee and poo stains for my worn panties. I know my cute little panties will have you cumming again and again! 

#1060 Pee Blue Panty Pen Cum, 26:54s

I've been waiting to go pee so badly, I sit on the toilet and let out a strong stream of pee. Seeing and smelling my cummy blue panties while sitting on the toilet I need to cum.  Enjoy watching me cum while I play with pens to tease myself while playing in my panties. 

Follow me several times while I have to go to the bathroom while wearing blue panties. I keep wearing blue underwear until the crotch is nicely stained. I have worn them a lot adding my stains and scents thinking of my DDT. I need to get off good, so I lay on my bed and begin teasing my pussy with my vibrator wand. The vibration feels so good, I get surprised and some poop pushes out of my ass. I put my poop in my mouth to taste it thinking of my Dirty Daddy smelling, tasting, and cumming hard to his dirty little girls dirty blue panties.  I get off hard squirting wetting the blue cotton panty while tasting my poo. 


#1016 Horny in Cum Stained Panty, 17:57s

I am at the gas station bathroom, so horny from smelling my pussy cum stained panties all day. I really need to make myself cum! Once I am finished peeing I rush home, so I can masturbate in my cummy panties. I have no idea what toy i want to play with so I pick out three toys to tease myself with: vibrating clit pump, vibrator dildo, and powerful magic wand. I start off using my fingers teasing myself before sucking on my clit with my toy. The vibration and sucking feels so good. My pussy needs to be filled up. I use the two toys together teasing and fucking my pussy. I rub and push the vibrating wand on the outside of my panty making my pussy nice and wet and getting me off super hard. I love cumming in my stained panties, I smell so good! 

#819 Morning Pee White Cotton Panty, 39:18s

I just woke up and I’m not going to take my panty off. I pee my strong morning pee into my panties. It feels so good releasing my pee stream that I decide that I’m going to pee in my white cotton fullback panties for you for four more days this week. I hang up my panties to dry in my shower, so I can pee in them again tomorrow morning. My panties are getting so strong smelling, my pussy is getting so wet inhaling my pee stained panties. I masturbate fucking my pussy while I wear my panties on fourth and fifth mornings. I cum hard white sitting on my toilet and leave dirty ass stains and a little bit of poo in my pee soaked panty. I know they are going to make you cum so hard too! Inhale &Suck Clean my morning pee panties!

#812 Playboy Bunny Black Cummy Panty, 20:22s

When I pulled down my track pants all I could smell was my cummy pussy through my black playboy panty. It made me so horny while peeing and pooping getting whiffs of my dirty panties. I inhale my cummy crotch of the panty thinking of you breathing all my sexy, dirty scents in. I love when you smell me, I know it makes you so excited! After going to the bathroom I masturbate on my bathroom floor with a dildo because I need to cum! The camera stop sright at the end of me playing in my panties, but you get to see me cum hard several times. I love cumming smelling my own scents! 

#755 Outside Cumming Pee Red Silky Panty, 18:56s

I am outside wearing my dirty, stained silky red panties so horny thinking about getting so dirty and poopy in my red panties soon. I tease and play with my pussy while wearing my dirty red panty wetting and making myself cum hard needing to get filthier in my silky red dirty panties soon. 

#738 Scented Gstring Boy Cum Squirt, 32:30s

I am wearing my very worn purple g-string and gray boyshort panties that are very cum stained. I have worn both pairs over and over again adding my sexy juices and cum into them thinking of you. I want you to be intoxicated by my pussy and powerful natural scents. Follow me to the bathroom a couple of times while wearing my skimpy, dirty purple g-string thong before cumming hard while playing wearing and smelling my strong sexy pussy and panties! I am so turned on by my dirty panties that I begin sucking and gagging myself with my dildo. I cum so hard when I make myself vomit a little while gagging on your cock! I love thinking of you smelling my worn panties! 

#735 Pissy Cummy Scented White Panty, 15:02s

I have been wearing my white cotton bikini panty for almost a week now without washing them. I had to get away from the storm, so I took my cummy panties with me and continued wearing them while visiting my mum. My sexy dirty scents from not wiping is keeping my pussy wet! I wore my white cotton panties on my long trip home. I got stuck in traffic for over an hour, and I wasn’t able to stop anywhere and go to the bathroom. I finally get home, and I need to pee so bad. I can smell my strong scented panties through my pants, I pull them down and my dildo because I need to cum! I tease and fuck my pussy with soft flesh dildo and get off hard thinking of you smelling my sexy natural scents. 

#714 Gassy Pee Cumming in Pink Panty, 16;12s

I need to go pee so bad and I’m so horny smelling my cummy stained panty I have been wearing over and over again. I take off my dirty panty and smell my sexy dirty scents as I release a gassy pee into the porcelain toilet. I smell so good! I use my panty to wipe up my ass, so you can smell of my of hot body! I have been smelling my sexy pussy, and I need to cum over and over again using my favorite wand vibrator. I love adding even more of my pussy cum, juices, sweat, and discharge when masturbating wearing my panties thinking of my scents being inhaled deeply! 

#670 Very Tight & Cummy Gray Panty Lil Scat, 32:47s

I have been wearing my very tight gray Victoria’s Secret panties a lot! The crotch is so stained with my pussy juices, cum, and discharge, and my panties smell so good!! My dirty cummy panties keep me extremely horny as I get dressed, undressed, wear them, pull them down to pee, masturbate, and poop in them. I can’t wait for you to inhale me! My pussy and scents smell so good, I lick the firm poop balls that come from my ass.

#575 Wearing Dirty Panties Keep Me Horny, 7:37s

I have been wearing my white cotton panties thinking of you every time I pull them up and down, roll them up. I can smell my dirty crotch and it makes me think of how hard your cock gets for me. I go to a public bathroom, looking at my dirty cummy crotch while I pee. I get so turned on while being naughty while in the bathroom stall. 

#571 Out in Big Dirty Cotton Panty, 9:38s

While wearing my big white cotton panties, I stop while I am out running errands I stop at superstore, pharmacy and grocery store and check out their restrooms. I have lost so much weight, I have to roll up the waistband, so they can fit better when wearing, Keeping the crotch close to my unwashed pussy. I have been sick all week, and have not taken a shower. My natural scents, juices, and cum are smelling so good for you. I love being naughty while I am out doing errands, while my husband wonders why do I take so long to go places!

#510 Sweaty Bathroom Break, 9:05s

I have been wearing my tight exercise belt all day long and I am dying to go pee. As soon as I go into the bathroom, my hubby decides to go to the bathroom too(you do not see or hear him since I have jack and jill style in my house where the two bathroom doors adjoin. He can’t see me, but he can hear me when he is in his bathroom. He knew I needed to go to the bathroom bad too! I take off my exercise belt and see how wet and cummy the crotch of my white silky panties have gotten. The smell of my panties mixed with the smell of my sweaty from coming from my canvas shoes that had been on my feet all day. I begin smelling my dirty panties and my sweaty shoes. My pussy is getting so horny thinking about having my piss enjoyed by my fans as well as having my hubby on the other side of the door while I was being naughty smelling my own dirty scents getting turned on by the smells as well as thinking about my worshipers inhaling me. I love how I smell when I wear my panties over and over again until they are all stained up and thickly crusted with pussy juice and discharge. The aroma of my sweaty feet smell so good too and makes my pussy cum good while I am peeing. I thought I just had to pee, but I was surprised by poop coming out of my ass. I got so horny smelling my pussy, ass, and feet, I had to finger my wet dripping pussy! Worship all that comes from my body even my sweat! 

#480 Cumming Thinking of Getting Dirty, 9:28s

I want to cum in my stained silky pink panties before getting completely filthy in them. I put them on and grab my vibrator attached to a big stick to get myself off while talking about getting ready to play and poop in my panties. I love wearing my panties until the crotch is nicely stained and strong with my scents and juices. Inhale Goddess!

#474 Staying Filthy in Pink Panties, 28:58s, 36:16s

There I am in my pink shiny panties playing with my pussy dreaming about all the men who worship my ass and sweet chocolate . As I am rubbing my sweet pussy I think about those people out there who get off on watching me get filthy and play with myself. I begin to get horny and feel the need to get filthy so I get out some shit I saved from this mornings poo and start stuffing it into my wet pussy, my panties are so wet you can see the wet marks along with the shine of the satiny sheen. I continue to play with my pussy now all filthy with my Goddess chocolate smeared all over it and in it. I pull my panties back up and wow do I love the feel of masturbating through dirty panties and a shit full pussy. All the while telling my fans how much I love it when you worship my ass and chocolate. Later on after smearing my Goddess chocolate all over my body, I put some clothes back on and continue to masturbate thinking of all my loyal fans. See all the exciting action in this extra long clip of me getting filthy and playing with myself.

Picking up where the exciting Part 1 leaves off finds me all filthy on my bed fully clothed playing with my wet shit filled pussy. I moan in pleasure as I touch myself, I take out my saved poo and smear it all over my pussy, I get so horny being filthy and wet I pull out one of my dildos and start fucking my scat filled pussy. Watch me moan in pleasure as I fuck myself over and over, oh god does it feel so good, watch and hear me explode in pleasure as I climax from my dildo fucking my sweet shitty pussy.

#470 Suck Clean My Filthy Panty, 30:22

I have been wearing my white cotton panty for over a month thinking about you. I even took my worn panty with me on a trip. Enjoy watching while I  wipe my dirty ass after pooping, and masturbating. I love wearing my panty over and over thinking of my panty cleaner sucking all of my pussy juices, cum, discharge, sweat, piss, and shit from my panty. Once I think they are stained enough, I go to my bathroom and give myself a piss enema into my full ass. I insert a tampon in my ass, and keep it in while teasing my pussy so it may soak up some of my piss and shit. Now, I am ready to make it super difficult for my dirty panty boy to clean my already dirty panties with his mouth. I push out a big creamy poop with the piss out of my ass when removing the tampon plugging my sexy asshole up. Suck clean my filthy panties! 

#397 Dirty Cummy Pussy Panty, 7:32s

I have been wearing my panties over and over again thinking of you smelling me. I want you to get intoxicated with my natural scents. I love when you smell nothing but my pussy cum, sweat, pee, pussy, ass making your cock so hard. I take off my worn white cotton bikini panties and show you my dirty gusset. I want you to inhale all of my scents, discharge, and stains to please me. I smell my dirty panties since I love my own scents! Put my dirty cummy panties on your face, so you can smell nothing but my powerful pussy and asshole!  I stuff the filthy panty crotch in my pussy and begin to tease my pussy with my powerful vibrator making my pussy and panties cummier. Worship my sexy body! I pull out the panties from my pussy after cumming hard and smell it some more. I know you will love my addicting strong sweet  aroma!!! Inhale my worn filthy panties and cum hard for your sexy Goddess!! 

#376 Stained White Cotton Panty, 13:26s

I have been wearing my white cotton fullbacks over and over again, getting them staining up real good because I want you to smell me.  I had an little accident in them so they are stained with my poop, so you get to smell my dirty ass, pussy cum, discharge, and sweat. I am horny and I want to add more of my sweet pussy juices and add more cum in my dirty panties I take off my purple striped shorts and rub my panty teasing my pussy. I want to cum hard, so I get my hitatchi magic wand to play with my pussy. I love the feel of high vibration when I am wearing my panties...I cum over and over again...mmmm Inhale all of my sexy, dirty scents in my worn panty!!

#381 Poop Stained Thong Pussy Stuffing, 14:49s

I have been wearing my white thong over and over again thinking of you. It turns me on and makes my pussy wet everytime I get dressed and undressed seeing and smelling my stained thong. i haven't been wiping my asshole, just thinking of my toilet slut and letting the thong clean up my poopy ass. I want you to smell my dirty ass,, pussy juices and cum.  Watch as I masturbate stuffing my dirty poop stained thong inside of my wet pussy while getting myself off good.  Worship all of my sexy filth!​

#302 Strawberry Skidmarks, 5:40s

I am laying on my bed wearing my cummy and shit stained cute yellow strawberries thongs. I am horny, and want to add more of my pussy juices and dirty ass stains to my thongs. I want my scented thongs to be even stronger. I use my magic wand and tease my pussy. This gets me so horny, so quickly. I finger my pussy and ass. It feels so good. I take off my thongs after I cum, and show you my dirty stains that I want you to inhale and cleaned up. I love cumming thinking about you smelling my dirty scented thongs.

#301 Dirty Thong Stuff, 10:06s

I have been wearing my cotton green and white  thong over and over they are stained with my cum and ass stains. I can smell my strong worn panties through my clothes that I need to cum and get off!  I lay on my bed in only my thong and  I tease my pussy with magic wand.  I pull down my thong, and feel my wet pussy. I am so horny smelling my scents , I stuff my dirty thongs in my pussy. I need to feel my pussy stretch, and cum hard with my thongs inside of my hot pussy. My thongs smell even better  now after pulling them out of my cummy pussy! I want you to smell my dirty cummy panties and cum hard while I get off good playing with my cummy thongs. 

#276 Polka Dot Dirty Thong Dance Poop, 15:43s

I have been wearing my too tight cute pink mesh polka dot thongs over and over getting my Goddess scents infused in them for you to enjoy. It’s time to exercise and shake my ass. Watch my big ass shake and giggle as it swallows my thong. After the second time dancing, I stop after the song I feel the urge to shit! I pull down my thong and push out a big chocolate shit. I feel so much better now since you watched me poop. I put back on my thong, so it can catch and clean up the rest of the shit still left on my dirty ass. I dance to another song, so my thong is nice and wedged into my Goddess unwiped butt. I want you to inhale all of my sexy dirty scents, I can’t wait for you to smell my powerful aroma!

#275 Playing in Dirty Pink Thongs, 8:22s

I have totally worn out my Victoria’s Secret hot pink cotton thong. I bought them while I was five months pregnant, and I wore them a lot! Hot pink is my favorite color, so I always enjoyed wearing them on my big curvy growing body. Plus they I love the way these thongs fit, I wore them over and over until my panties were nicely stained with pussy cum, and dirty ass stains. I tease my pussy with my bullet vibrator through my pink thongs. It feels so good vibrating directly on my clit. Shortly after playing with myself. I had to poop, and I wiped my ass adding my Goddess chocolate to my worn out thongs. I included 71 panty progress pictures from my cell phone. Plus, 12 photos posing in my thongs while wearing a sundress. Worship all of my Goddess ass and dirty scents scents! ​

#274 Poopy Cummy White Thongs, 8:37s

I have been thinking of you wearing my white thongs getting so turned on watching the stains add to the gusset. I want you to smell my dirty ass scent, sniffing the thong wedged between my ass crack. I wore my white thongs over and over until they are properly infused my thongs with my sweat, cum, piss, and ass stains for you to smell and cum to. Enjoy watching as I shake my big Goddess ass while wearing my cummy thongs. I had so much fun while dancing, exercising, and having fun in my dirty thongs. Later, I pull up my pink dress, pull down my thongs because I need to shit. I unload a creamy load thinking of you smelling my poop off of my thongs. I put back on my dirty thongs, and masturbate with my bullet vibrator later in the day. I want you to look at my ass, and you can see that I still have not wiped my ass. I still have shit left on my ass, perfect to soak into my dirty thongs while I am playing with myself. I can’t wait until you inhale and clean up my dirty cummy thongs. Get Intoxicated! 

#273 Very Worn Gray Cotton Panty, 12:58s

I have a huge panty fetish! It turns me on very much to wear my panties over and over, until I think they are properly soiled with all the juices, cum , and discharge from my curvy body. I am wearing my very worn gray cotton fullback panties, and I can smell myself through my clothes my pussy is so strong. I am so horny now, needing to play with myself. I lay back on my bed and tease my pussy through my wet, cummy panties. I use my purple bullet vibrator to hot my clit just right. It feels so good, pushing my panties in my pussy as I play with my pussy. I cum thinking of you smelling and jerking your hard cock to my powerful Goddess very worn panties. That thought always makes me wet and cum hard! I love my toilet sniffing and tasting cleaning up my very worn gray cotton panties. 

#271 Dancing Dirty Panda Panty, 13:46s

I have been wearing my Victoria’s Secret cotton panties with a cute panda on the butt over and over again, so you can smell my sexy natural scents. I felt like dancing and wanted to shake my big butt. Enjoy watching me playfully dance and have fun in my cummy stained panties. I dance two different times. The first time my panties haven’t gotten that filthy, but in the second song you see ass stains in the back of my panties. I finish the video off, with picture set that i took after each time dancing! Get addicted to my big Goddess ass!

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