Dirty Anal

I love having my dirty asshole sniffed, licked, massaged fucked, cum in, worshiped, and spoiled! Email me if you desire to buy content, custom videos, or requests.  scatgoddess@gmail.com

#1097 White Silky Bedtime Toothbrush Fullback Surprise, 16:47s

I am in bed wearing my cummy silky fullback panties thinking of my dirty Jake. I want him to wear my worn panties of course once I have worn them more to intoxicate him more. I want my scented dirty panties to be really filthy by my toilet boy! I need to masturbate again before I go to sleep. I look in the drawer and find a toothbrush which I thought would be perfect to get of differently with tonight..Enjoy watching me cumming two nights in a row the first night fucking my pussy with one side of the tooth brush make me squirt and the next night sticking and fucking my ass with the brush side of the tooth brush. I cum and go to sleep good both both nights thinking of you knowing you with be getting filthy for me soon making me cum even more soon!

I know you have been waiting a long time craving to watch me poo. I've been holding back for a few days thinking of you waiting to give you a nice big load. I pull down my jeans, pink fullback panties, and poop out a big creamy poop. I know much you want to smell my sexy chocolate from my hot asshole. 


#1082 Dirty Cuz Anal Fucking, 13:47s

I am horny thinking of my naughty cuz fucking my asshole. I play with my purple didlo thinking of my cuz filling me up with his cock. Enjoy while watching me orgasm and leave my toy a little bit dirty after fucking my asshole. I lick clean my dildo pretending it is my cuz cock. 

#1046 Toying & Tasting Dirty Ass, 16:19s

Enjoy peeking on me while I am doing a quick cam with one of my ass lovers  checking to see if my asshole  is dirty. I use a couple toys fucking myself and tasting what my dirty ass left on thedildo. I cum good while teasing my pussy with my powerful vibrator while tasting my ass from the sex toy.

I have been horny thinking about you smelling me while walking around with a dirty asshole in my sweater mini skirt with no panties. I want you to smell and lick my asshole, stick your tongue way up in my ass. I need to cum hard so I tease my pussy with the vibrator wand while you are smelling and licking my asshole. It feels so good, and I push out some of my sexy shit for you to smell. I love when you watch me poop and help me get off good.


I am wearing only a pair of tall black socks and I sit down on a pee pad. I tease you with my curvy, nude body before pushing out my poo. I cum good while pushing emptying out my sexy asshole. I squirted so hard while pooping and fingering my pussy this morning! It feels so good when I use my fingers and move around my dirty asshole! mmmm 


#895 Trying Inflatable Anal Plug After Enema, 6:50s

I am nice and clean straight out of the shower after giving myself and enema. I want to try out my new toy my green masked fan bought for my ass pleasure. I have always wanted an inflatable vibrating anal plug, so I am excited to try it out for the first time. I squeeze the bulb and can feel the plug expanding in my ass creating pressure. We are getting ready to check out of the hotel, so I quickly go back to the shower to take out the toy and play with it some more. The plug feels amazing vibrating inside of my asshole, but the pressure was getting too much to take without the feeling needing to poop. I really enjoyed trying my new toy out and can’t wait to have some dirty upcoming fun with it.

#888 Still Horny After Pooping, 20:23s

After pooping outside I am still a little dirty on my feet, pussy, and ass. I need my toilet slut to help clean me up. Smell and lick clean my dirty soles, toes, and up my thighs to my bleeding pussy and poopy asshole. I need to cum while you are cleaning me up. I play with vibrator, and double ended dildo as I get off nice while I am still messy thinking of you cleaning my sexy body up! 

#745/746 Stretching my Ass for my Toilet Slut, 5:55s, 16:56s

I have woken up the last two days so horny thinking about you filling up my sexy ass. I needed to feel and fill up my ass with my own fingers first. My pussy gets so wet when I am fingering and especially stretching my asshole! I want all your fingers to fill up my ass! I love showing off my prolapsed asshole, so you can lick and fuck it some more! Two morning playtime videos included. 

#722 Belladonna's Bitch Fist #1, 13:19s

After role playing as a sinful nun I was still horny and naked with some dried poop smeared on my body. I wanted to out a big new toy a fan bought for me, Belladonna’s 11 inch bitch fist. It is slightly bigger than my own hand. It’s so big and heavy, I am going to need some more practice, so I can fit this big fisting toy in my pussy and ass! I know you want to see my pussy and ass spread open!

#713 Squirting with Poopy Ass, 11:03s

I just pushed out a huge creamy poop into my hands while standing outside. I had not pooped outside in a long time, so it made me horny. I needed to cum some more before cleaning up my poopy ass. I use my fingers to finger my pussy and ass. Fingering my dirty ass feels so good. I squirt and get off hard with myself wishing you were here to clean my wet pussy and prolapsed asshole good.

Oh my God my tummy hurts and stomach cramps, and just got sudden urge to shit. I wish you were right here with me because I need to use you, and shit all over you! I stand in my shower and allow you to watch my sexy ass as I let out a SUPER BIG shit, and pee. My tummy feels a little bit better. I leave the bathroom, but when I make it to my living room, my tummy starts hurting again. I quickly turn around and go right back to the bathroom. I sit on the toilet and loose shit starts pouring from my asshole. OMG my tummy hurts! After pooping so much, and relieving my tummy aches I am so horny! I show you my dirty asshole, and then get on the bathroom floor to get off good. I fuck my dirty asshole with my purple dildo thinking of you. My shit smells so good. I wish you were sucking on my dirty asshole smelling all of me. I fuck my ass with my dildo and make myself squirt getting filthy on the floor. I’m so glad my tummy is feeling better. I needed to cum so badly. I begin fingering my asshole, until all my fingers are inside of me. My ass feels so good I fuck my ass and then show you my sexy prolapsed asshole wishing you could lick and clean me all up!


I am only wearing a black bra and well worn cummy hot pink bikini panty when the urge to poop hits me. I make it to the bathroom and begin filling up my pink panties. I haven’t pooped in a couple days, so my poop overflows out the side of my panty on the floor. I know how much you want all of my poopy ass that I scoop up the mess that fell and put it back where it belongs in my fully loaded panty. Thinking of you with my poopy pink panty has me so horny I fuck my ass with my dildo since I know you really wish you could fuck my dirty ass! Send me a private message if you desire to purchase a fully loaded poopy panty! 


I am wearing my pussy and poopy stained blue Playboy bunny panties feeling so horny to sit right on you and intoxicate you with my dirty natural scents! I begin teasing my pussy sitting on the toilet since I want to be right on top of you now. I need to be filled, so I fuck my wet pussy with purple dildo before shoving it into my ass. The dildo feels especially good inside of my ass, and I get even more turned on when I pull out my toy and see that it’s covered with my poop. I use my Playboy bunny panties to wipe up my poopy butt, so you can inhale all of my powerful scents! 


#570 Picking Up my Medicine, 10:58s

I haven’t been feeling too well the last few days, but it hasn’t stopped me from being horny. I stop at the store to pick up some medicine, and then walk back to their bathroom. I love having you follow me to the bathroom while I am shopping. It gets me so horny!! After going to the bathroom, I get on my hands and knees and finger my asshole in the bathroom stall. My dirty asshole feels so good, I wish you could feel and taste it, surely that would make me feel much much better and get over this yucky cold! 

#565 Prolapse Surprise, 21:06s

I have been on my period for over a week and a half and I am so horny. I need to fuck my ass and cum hard now since my hubby just left the house. I pull down my pants on my bed, and remove and smell my tampon. It feels so good finally having my pussy and ass filled with my dildos specially my huge black dildo! I make myself cum so hard and my ass prolapses while thinking about you fucking me in the ass with your thick, big dick!!

#564 Grocery Store Bathroom Break, 12:00s

I have been holding my pee for the last couple hours, and hubby send me to the store to pick up a few things needed to make dinner. I thought it would be the perfect time for you to watch me go to the bathroom while I went grocery shopping. I have been so horny, I get a little naughty while going to the bathroom, removing tampon and fingering my asshole. I love holding back the urge to go to the bathroom, and it’s even better when I’m able to share my private moments with you.

#407 Horny After Pooping, 10:22s

I just pooped and I am so HORNY! I need to play with my dirty ass and cum hard! I love thinking of my toilet slut inhaling, tasting my powerful scents and flavors! I fuck my dirty ass and suck and lick clean my shit off the toy. It feels so good with the my vibrator fucking my pussy while tasting my shit off the plug! Watch me play and cum with my dirty ass. 

#383 Horny Anal Beads, 24:16s

I am now home and all sweaty and horny from doing errands. I need and want you to worship my sexy sweaty feet and ass. I take off my super scented orange socks and smell my stinky feet! I take off my jean capris and purple thong while laying on my bed. I want to fill my sexy ass with my pink anal beads and cum good. I stuff all the anal beads in my ass and play with my wet pussy with my vibrator. It feels so good, I pull out the string of beads and begin sucking it while smelling my sweaty orange socks. I smell so good all sweaty thinking of intoxicating you with my dirty sweaty scents. Worship all of my Goddess aroma!

#286 Tampon & Pen Fun, 11;13s

I teasing you wearing a tiny mini skirt with no panties. I have been thinking of getting naughty and get a little dirty for you all day. I get a tampon and insert it my full ass instead of my pussy. I tease my ass with the tampon string dangling down, and pulling the string teasing my own ass waiting to release my shit. I push and my ass opens up, a little turd pushes out of my ass, the pops back in my ass. I push a few times until my shit pops out of my ass. Worship my sexy groundhogging asshole. I have three pens to stick in my ass to see how dirty they will get after going to the bathroom. I fuck my ass with a pen, sharpie, and a highlighter, then stick them all together in my ass. I cum good while playing with my poopy ass thinking of you sniffing and writing with the pen and markers that I fucked my dirty ass with!

#141 Stolen Pad & Dirty Ass, 13:05s

I stole another woman’s used panty liner from a bin in a public restroom. I put the used pad on and brought it home to smell, wear, and play with. I have been wearing the thinking about playing with the used pad, so now I am super horny laying on my bed wearing only a t-shirt and colorful animal print hipsters. I tease my hungry pussy with my fingers and a bullet toy. I slide my ass dildo in and out my ass revealing that my ass is dirty. It makes me so wet to see my clear toy all shitty. I fuck my ass some more while smelling my cummy worn panties. My pussy is so excited, I want to smell the mysterious woman’s used panty liner pad that I am now wearing. I remove my panties showing the dirty stains I have made in them, then taking off the worn pad. I tease my pussy with my fingers then stuffs the stolen pad into my pussy. It feels so naughty having another woman’s dirty used pad in my pussy. I fuck my ass with the glass dildo and make a sexy mess while masturbating and being naughty with a sexy woman’s worn panty liner pad. 

#19 Toying Ass Poop, 13:42s

I’m horny in my bathroom wearing a cute plaid skirt, black top, and cute white panties, and heels. I have been thinking about filling my ass up all day with my triple ripple anal plug ,so I immediately begin sucking my anal plug and rubbing my pussy through my panties. This instantly turns on me on, so I pull down my white panties and lube up my asshole with spit. I tease my hot pussy with my fingers and slide the plug in and out of my sexy ass. The pleasure becomes too great that I can no longer stand up. I lay down with my white panties pulled down to my knees and continue fucking my ass with my plug. I play with my nipples while fucking my ass. I am so turned on, I am moaning with pleasure.I tease my asshole by fucking it and twisting the anal plug all around…Oh god I need to poop! As I am fucking myself with my plug, my hot poop starts to cover it and pour out of my sexy asshole. I pull the plug out turned on by how dirty it is. I wish you were here to clean my dirty toy right now. I have a little more poop to push out of my ass. I love having you worship my sexy, dirty ass. There are picture stills at the end of the video allowing you to enjoy more of my filthy ass, dirty toy, and see me smiling with poop on my body. These were taken after I finished playing. I LOVE Shitty Hearts! 

#8 Poo Ass To Mouth, 23:49s

I need to cum hard, so I grab my black anal plug, glass toy, big clear dildo and nipple clamps. I go to my bathroom naked and lay on my side gently massaging my big sexy ass before letting out all of my poop I’ve been holding back. I spit on my hand to lube up my ass getting ready for my glass dildo. After a few minutes of fucking my ass I am super horny and want to taste my glass dildo after being in my dirty ass. I lay on my back and start fucking my ass with the plug and fucking my pussy at the same time. I enjoy sucking my toys after being inside of my butt..mmmm I LOVE ASS TO MOUTH! To finish myself off real good I take a nice bouncy ride on my suction cup dildo then sucking the dildo after being in my ass. The video finishes with pictures of my sexy Goddess ass after I fucked it good! This is one of my favorite ass to mouth anal playtime videos in my collection. 

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