Dirty Feet

I love having my sweaty, dirty feet and toes inhaled, kissed, licked and sucked. Email if you desire to buy content, worn socks, stockings, shoes, toe nail clippings, custom video, or request.  scatgoddess@gmail.com


#2042 Sweaty Feet, Dirty Shoes & Toilet Worship

I love keeping my toilet slut craving my sweaty feet and worn out shoes once I destroy them by wearing them so much. You get a nice view into my sweaty well worn sandals and my feet. Watch my hairy pierced pussy while I pee and poop in the toilet. I know how much you want to worship all that comes from my sexy body, my sweaty feet, toe nail clippings, and even my dirty used footwear! Enjoy all my dirty and worn out sweaty goodies from my curvy body.


#945 Toilet Smell Lick My Feet & Ass, 14:50s

I wish you were here with me now rubbing and kissing on my feet and legs. I have hurt myself and need my toilet slut to make me feel better. I want you to smell and lick my bare feet before you put your face in my sexy ass. My pussy is wet thinking of you smelling and tasting my dirty feet and ass. I tease and finger myself cumming good thinking of my nasty toilet slut!

#908 Worship My Feet & Ass Toilet Slut, 11:21s

Imagine that you are kneeling in front of sexy Scat Goddess Amanda. You are eagerly waiting for me to remove my sweaty, stinky feet and put them right in your face and mouth. You need to worship my pretty feet and toes before you are allowed to sniff and lick up my ass. I am so turned on I masturbate using the vibrator teasing my pussy thinking of you cleaning me up like a good toilet. 

#888 Still Horny After Pooping, 20:23s

After pooping outside I am still a little dirty on my feet, pussy, and ass. I need my toilet slut to help clean me up. Smell and lick clean my dirty soles, toes, and up my thighs to my bleeding pussy and poopy asshole. I need to cum while you are cleaning me up. I play with vibrator, and double ended dildo as I get off nice while I am still messy thinking of you cleaning my sexy body up! 

I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a week, and I have been thinking about pooping in my older girlfriend’s Ked sneakers again. I can feel that this will be a much better poop to fill her worn shoes with and get my feet all messy. I get the urge, but poop is already coming out of my asshole before I can get my clothes off. I am naked in my girlfriend white Keds and push out a big creamy poop into both shoes. I am so turned on and feeling so much better now after releasing a huge load. I lick and play with my feet and get them all messy with my yummy creamy load. I cum so hard getting filthy in my girlfriend’s white shoes. I think I made her shoes smell much better after I added my shit and wore them after her! 


My sexy older redhead girlfriend with fake boobs loves wearing Ked sneakers. For the last five years that is the only style of sneaker that I have ever seen her wear. I believe one of the very first times she wore them to my house I said something to her about her shoes and asked if she liked her feet played with. Unfortunately, she said she doesn’t like feet and she is too ticklish. After all these years of not letting me play with her feet, she brought me a bag of her worn sneakers. I am horny and naked in my redhead girlfriends worn Ked sneakers. I have been thinking about licking my sweaty feet after being in my girlfriend’s tennis shoes. I begin licking and smelling my sexy feet. after removing her shoes. Also I have been thinking about how I want to get filthy in them. I feel the urge to poop, and push out small firm poop balls that I put in my girlfriends shoes. I put them back on, and then remove my shoes to taste and smell my dirty poopy toes and get off some more. It turns me on and gets me off hard masturbating, licking my feet, sucking my toes, and eating my poop in my girlfriend’s sneakers. She has no idea of how filthy I get, so I had to get filthy!


#818 Mouthful of Poop Thinking of You, 21:47s, 27:46s, 7:44s

I am wearing a very skimpy red dress that’s a little too short. I know that seeing my ass hanging out is making you even hungrier for my sexy poop. I tease you with my curvy body making you hornier for my scat. Since you are not underneath me in the toilet seat, I squat backwards so you are staring at my ass letting out my poop. I can tell you are craving, really starving for my precious poop, so I pick my poop up off the floor. I begin teasing you more by licking, tasting my poop, and then fill my whole mouth with poop thinking of you. I want my poop on your face, in your mouth, and all over your body, you need to be covered and filled with my hot loads! I begin sucking, and chewing up my poop while I fuck my wet pussy with my dildo thinking of your rock hard cock! I spit out my poop on my breasts wishing you were with me to lick and suck clean and cum so hard tasting my addicting, delicious poop! After playing with my pussy my feet were all poopy, and I want you to clean all the poop from my body including my sexy toes. Clean Goddess up good my toilet slut! This includes three videos, two versions playing, one is just filmed at lower angle, plus a bonus video that was filmed after masturbating for my foot lovers to clean up my dirty poopy feet.

#809 Purple Cotton Dirty Panty, 15:24s

I have been wearing a new tiny bikini panty I got for Christmas. I pull down my pants when sitting on the toilet, and notice my thighs are all pink. It was funny trying to figure out if my skin was stained or my panties were just too tight! haha I did gain a few extra pounds around the holidays! I let you watch as I pee and poop but I want you to clean up my bright purple cotton panty. I have been wearing them over and over again since my mum bought them for me when I went to Maine about a year and half ago. The crotch on my panties are coated with my pussy cum, discharge, sweat, some period and poop stains. My purple panties are so scented now smelling so lovely. I want you to put them on your face while you think of being underneath my sexy body. Inhale my powerful scents and Worship your Scat Goddess Amanda! 

#752 Horny in Funky Birkenstocks, 27:54s

Follow me while I go to the bathroom and pee at two different stores on different days while wearing my funky worn out Birkenstock sandals. At the first store I fuck my pussy and ass with a dildo in the bathroom stall while smelling my foot aroma and feeling my dirty sandals. I walk around barefoot a lot, so the soles of my feet get pretty dirty sometimes. I don’t care to clean my feet, so the foot junk builds up, but it keeps my pussy wet. Cum hard to my funky Birkenstock sandals and my sexy feet!

#495 Lick My Feet, I Stepped in Shit, 2:34s

I stepped in my shit and didn’t even realize it when I was cumming hard on cam, until I was finished and it made me smile and laugh after the “Poop & Cum Bloated Cam” Now it’s time for you to clean up the shit from the bottom of my Goddess feet as it pleases me the best. Smell, Lick, and Taste MY Goddess Shit, Worship my filthy feet and the ground that I walk on! 

#492 Poop & Cum Bloated Cam, 13:16s

I have not pooped in four days. I went to the bathroom earlier in the afternoon, and stuck my finger up my ass and I could feel hard shit filling my ass. I am very horny since I held my pee and poo to appear on cam for one of my scat fans. I remove my leggings and sheer peach panty allowing you to enjoy my round ass before pushing and getting the shit out of my ass. I move to the floor to finger my ass looking for more shit. I get a couple firmer pieces of shit out of my ass. I am very bloated feeling even after pissing, squirting cumming all over the floor. I was getting off so good, I didn’t even realize I was stepping all in my shit until I was finished playing! I know there has to be a lot more to come out of my ass tomorrow! 

#480 Cumming Thinking of Getting Dirty, 9:28s

I want to cum in my stained silky pink panties before getting completely filthy in them. I put them on and grab my vibrator attached to a big stick to get myself off while talking about getting ready to play and poop in my panties. I love wearing my panties until the crotch is nicely stained and strong with my scents and juices. Inhale Goddess!

#462 Shitting on Your Face, 5:07s

I have been holding and waiting to shit on your face. I have been thinking of you inhaling and tasting all that comes from my sexy ass. I strip out of my clothes and push out creamy, solid logs.

#455 Tasting My Corn Filled Shit, 23:43

I am ready to feed you, so I go to my bathroom and get undressed. I want to bake my hungry toilet a dessert, but first I need to shit first since I want to use MY Goddess shit for the special main ingredient. I get on my knees spreading my sexy ass so you may watch as my ass unloads creamy shit full of corn. I’m looking forward to you tasting my Goddess shit, so of course I need to make it a little harder on you and tease you by licking and tasting my shit. I want you to kiss and lick up my dirty shitty toes, so you may taste my shit while you crave for my yummy baked treats. Eat the corn out of my precious shit!!

#452 Shrunken Ex-Husband, 14:49s

I have been keeping my shrunken ex-husband in between my sexy toes. My new boyfriend did not like the idea of having my ex so close to me, so he proposed a test to prove that he means nothing to me. My new boyfriend said he needs to be sure that I don’t have any feelings to my ex. He told me to step on him on the ground and then shit on him. I did want to show how little my ex meant to me, it felt so good shitting and covering my shrunken ex-husband and making him my tiny victim. I wanted to show my boyfriend a little bit more, so I searched for my ex covered in my shit, and then put on my shoes. I told my ex husband that he would need to spend the rest of his time living in my shitty shoes. 

#443 Punished by Daddy, 29:18s

I have been holding my poop all day for you, Daddy. My pussy is so wet, I need to poop for you, I think I am totally addicted to having you watch me go to the bathroom now. I’m sorry for being gone so long from you Daddy. but I did miss you and thought about this moment to get naughty like you enjoy so much. I love getting messy for you Daddy. It feels so good playing naked on my bed with my feet for you, but then I you started me. My movements were not my own, it felt like you had control of your little girl. You thought that was funny, because it was true, you were using your special telekinesis on your naughty girl. I knew you were going to punish your dirty girl, but I didn’t know you were going to push my face into my pile of poop Daddy! You were rough and forceful with me, but I missed you, Daddy, so much I enjoyed my punishment.

#417 Laxative Shitty Feet, 4:17s

I have a liquid shit puddle on the floor after making a mess in my white pants. I just had to rub my bare feet in my loose shit. My poop feels so good between my toes covering my feet and soles. Cum hard to my filthy shit covered feet! 

#406 Sweaty Shitty Feet, 24:22s

I have smelling my dirty scents since I haven't showered in a couple days, and I am so horny. I've been wearing my canvas Adidas sneakers all day without socks and my feet are all sweaty! I need to smell my stinky sweaty feet and play with my asshole. I hope it is dirty!! I take off my sweaty sneakers, and immediately put them to my nose. My sweaty sneakers  smell so good!! I lift up my skirt, and begin fingering my asshole.  I'm a lucky girl because I do feel some shit. I take my finger out of my ass and smell it. My shitty ass smells so good. I bet it would smell really good on the bottoms of my sweaty feet!! I smear and then inhale the poop on my feet while fingering.Trying to reach and lick where I smeared my shit on my foot was another big turn on. I came good getting dirty and smelling my pretty, sweaty, shitty feet!!  

#396 Shitty Footprints, 4:05s

I just came good smearing and getting all filthy making a huge mess all over my bathroom floor when I was playing with myself.  Now I want you to worship my shit covered feet. Enjoy watching while I make shitty footprints on bright colored paper for my toilet servants and fans to worship my sexy scat and  the ground that I walk on!  Cum hard to MY sexy shitty feet!  

#304 BBW Cum to My Shitty Feet ,5:05s

I just shit a big creamy load. After making video “Fuck MY Shit” I was looking at my smooth creamy shit, I just had to step in and coat my feet with my Goddess shit! It looked too perfect not to get my feet dirty in. It felt so good smearing and getting my pretty bare feet dirty. Worship my sexy Goddess feet. Lick and clean up my toes. Stroke your hard cock and cum on my shit covered toes! Cum to my shit covered Goddess feet!

#293 BBW Shit Smear Cam, 21:19s

Holding my shit for my toilet servants always gets me so horny. I love having my sluts stay hard for my Goddess ass while waiting and craving for my ass to release my sweet shit live on webcam. I push out my shit, and smear on my big round ass. I rub my shit on foot and leg wanting my slut to cum for my ass. After my cam was finished, I still needed to cum again. I allow you to worship my shitty foot, toes, and leg more, wishing you were able to clean me off with your tongue. Worship all of my Goddess shit! 

#290 While you Wait on Scat Treats, 6:18s

I just finished making some scat brownies for you, my hungry toilet slut.  My scat treats are baking now, so you will have time to clean up the leftovers. to lick the spoon and bowl that I used to bake my precious Goddess shit. While you are at it, I want my dirty bare feet cleaned and worshiped. Inhale as you breathe in the aroma of my dirty feet and shit baking.  

#249 BBW Clean Up My Toes, 9:51s

While cleaning up after playing and soaking my panty(in video #248) I came so good, I didn’t even realize I was getting shit all over me, but it made my pussy wet thinking of you licking and sucking the shit off of my toes. I show my sexy dirty feet and toes, instructing you of your new task of cleaning all of my shit off my body. Be a good toilet slut for me and suck and lick clean my toes. Don’t forget to clean good under my toenails and get the shit from underneath them! Worship my all of my shit and continue to keep kissing, and pleasing my sexy feet!

#109 Brownies for Toilet Foot Slave, 18:02s

I have come to my bathroom wearing my silky rose robe ready to prepare brownies for a hungry toilet servant. I want to add all of my goodness in this brownie mix. First, I squat above the pan and release a huge thick log out of my ass. For the second ingredient, I add my Goddess piss. I sit up on the porcelain toilet and begin to get the dead skin from my feet. For the third ingredient, I sprinkle my Goddess foot dust from my pediegg on top of my thick log that is swimming in my nectar. Now it’s time to go into the kitchen. I combine the box brownie ingredients with my powerful and addicting Goddess ingredients, and mix them all together with my fingers. I break the big log up, so my Goddess shit is evenly cooked throughout my slaves treats. I need to another ingredient from my sexy body, my sweet Goddess spit. I spit into the brownie mixture making it extra special! After I have finished combining the brownie mix, I lick the remaining shitty batter off my fingers, Finally, there is one last ingredient I need to collect. I sit back on my porcelain toilet and clip my toenails to add on top of the brownies while cooking. Yummy!! Eat Up all of my Goddess filled brownies! 

#107 Teasin you with my Asshole and BareFeet, 4:54s

I want to tease you with my sexy asshole, so I lay down naked on my bathroom floor. I pull my legs back and push out my asshole. I push more, and I begin to squirt. I am getting turned on from teasing you with my sexy asshole. My pussy gets so wet! I am soaking myself with my squirt which is making me even hotter! I continue to push because it feels so good. My pussy pours cream as my asshole opens and tightens. 

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