Dirty Poopy Panties

I have a huge scent fetish, so I love wearing my panties over and over again. My pussy stays so wet smelling my own dirty scents, anticipating feeling the warmth of my pee and poo filling my panties with a dirty orgasm from desperation and relief.  I also stay excited thinking about my fans and sluts playing, inhaling, tasting, wearing, going to the bathroom, and masturbating in my dirty poopy panties. Email if you desire to buy content, panties, custom video, or request.  scatgoddess@gmail.com

I have been wearing my sexy lace pink panties getting so horny thinking of you. I know how much you love my hot poopy panties. It's so hot teasing you with my sexy ass waiting to fill up my panty with a sexy load of shit for you. Enjoy while I fill up my pretty pink lace panty with my poop for you to get off to! Cum hard to my shitty asshole and dirty panties!


I have been waiting so long to poop to turn my white panties brown, the urge has hit me and now you need to watch me fill my panties so you may cum hard to my filthy poopy pantied ass!Enjoy watching me poop my panties live on cam. It feels so warm and so good, stinky too! I wish my poo was all over you.


#2032 Pooping in Gray Thongs, 4m

I am so desperate to go to the bathroom, I can't hold it back any longer. I tease you with my sexy big ass and gray thong before I let out all of my hot poop. I love when you watch me poo and smell my dirty panty scents!


I've been waiting a couple hours to go to the bathroom. I have something special for you. I want to give you a nice look at my bigger body with lots of added curves that you love. I tease you and strip out of my sexy black dress revealing my too small tiny pink lace panties I am wearing. I push out my poo in my panty and feel my full panty butt. I love pooping in my panties the hot mess feels so hot so close to my body. I want you to cum all over my shitty panty with my cum countdown with my sexy voice. Cum hard for my filthy ass and shitty panty!


I have been thinking of you while holding back the urge to poop for over four hours. I can feel and smell the poo already starting to push out of my ass. I can't wait any longer, I pull up my nightgown and push out a big creamy poop in my sexy sheer peach panty. I know you wish you were right under my hot poopy panty right now. I sit and smoosh my poopy panty thinking of my shit smearing all in your face, nose, and mouth! You need my sexy shitty panties all over your face. 


I am all covered with shit. I wish you were here, Daddy, to see and smell the mess I have made. I put on my white panties thinking of you getting me dirty and have fun smearing myself in the dirty tub turning the cotton panty brown. I know you love cumming in my messy poopy panties when we are apart. Enjoy watching your dirty babycakes have fun in her poopy mess.


Enjoy watching while I get my white silky panties dirty before I get them really filthy before my playtime in the next video, #2011 Staying Dirty Filthy Longtime. I wear the same panties for a few days, staying dirty and getting my jeans poopy and stinky. The dirty panties get me so horny and craving to get filthy in the next couple days in the panties I have been getting so dirty and stained. If you love dirty panties, you will love this video!


#2015 Poopy Poopy Panties for Daddy, 22:23s

I have been wearing my panties for Daddy getting them cummy. But, now I want to make them poopy, so Daddy will enjoy my worn panties even better. Enjoy watching while I poop in my white panty a couple times making them filthier each time. My shit feels so good, I smear it on my big ass thinking of you smearing my shitty panty all over you. 

If you enjoy watching my sexy ass get my panties and clothes dirty, you will love this video. I get and stay dirty in my panty and jeans for days anticipating the filthy time I'm about to have. I've been waiting so long to get off good, I bring a couple saved loads of my shit with me to begin the filthy fun time to begin. I let the shit dry on my skin...I smell so good. I wish you could smell my powerful aroma. I really get into the smearing!  Cum buckets for my poopy panty and filthy clothes. 


I can barely hold my poo back any longer while wearing my bikini! Enjoy all my sexy shit! blue panty. Thinking of you my toilet, I push a huge pile of poop in my panty for you to worship! Enjoy all of my sexy shit!


I've been smelling my pussy in my dirty silky panties making me so horny,  I need to take a little a break. I go to the bathroom with two saved loads excited to make a mess and have some fun. I haven't played in a long time, and I need to cum badly! Enjoy while I start to rub my shit on my nipples letting it dry, and then inserting a firm piece of shit inside of my pussy then pulling up my panty and pants.This is going to be fun and such a dirty time...mmmm


I need your face right underneath my ass in some of my worn out panties, come here right now. I wish I was making you messy, I have to poop so bad my nipples are so hard. I push and a huge creamy poop slides out so hot from my worn out purple panty looking so hot! I pick up the big pile of poop teasing you by smelling and taking a lick. I want you to cum to my big load of shit. You know you want this big load on your cock. You need it. You need my dirty asshole. You love my yummy shit. Cum for me my dirty toilet slut!


#2002 Sheer Purple Poopy Panty, 6:13s

Omg, I can barely hold back my poop any longer. I take off my gray love t shirt and show off my sexy breasts. I turn around  only wearing purple bikini and you can already see the poop starting to come out in my sheer panty, ready to release a huge load. I pull off my panty and feel the creamy poop telling you to lick my ass. I show you my fully loaded purple panty to get your cock nice and dirty for me. I want you to stroke your cock with my poopy panty and cum hard to my sexy shitty asshole. 

#1098 Pooping for Panty Lover Ben, 6:54s

I am so full I can barely hold back thinking of my panty lover ben wearing only my silky fullback panty. I push and the warm poo and huge pile feels good coming out of my ass. I reach back and smear some feeling some of my shit thinking of you watching me get all dirty in my pretty pink panties. 

#1097 White Silky Bedtime Toothbrush Suprise Panty, 16:42s

I am in bed wearing my cummy silky fullback panties thinking of my dirty Jake. I want him to wear my worn panties of course once I have worn them more to intoxicate him more. I want my scented dirty panties to be really filthy by my toilet boy! I need to masturbate again before I go to sleep. I look in the drawer and find a toothbrush which I thought would be perfect to get of differently with tonight..Enjoy watching me cumming two nights in a row the first night fucking my pussy with one side of the tooth brush make me squirt and the next night sticking and fucking my ass with the brush side of the tooth brush. I cum and go to sleep good both both nights thinking of you knowing you with be getting filthy for me soon making me cum even more soon!

#1094 Dirty Cotton Cheetah Panty, 7:12s

I know how much you love my naughty dirty panties. You are going to enjoy following me around so much watching me get these cute cheetah panties stained up wishing you were smelling and tasting my worn panties!

#1093 Dirty Pink Cheetah Panty, 5:05s

I love when you cum hard to my dirty panties. Watch while I pee in my sexy pink cheetah panty, then wipe my dirty asshole with my pretty worn panties for you to smell and get off hard to my scents.

I just finished eating some pizza and now I feel my tummy is rumbling, but instead of using the toilet I am thinking of you. I pull down my jeans, tease you with my sexy ass in my black lace panty. I am wearing socks, but take them off, so you can look at my dirty soles while I push out a little bit of loose poops in my sexy black panty and make my tummy feel better after eating lunch and pooping in my panties for you to enjoy. 


I came so much in my poopy clothes and panty that I stashed my clothes to cum in them again. I was horny knowing that there was still a load left in my old panty to play with. I have been holding back the urge to go so I can push my next load out in my poopy panties. I can barely hold back the urge while putting on my clothes to poop. Once I poop I can;t believe how much creamy poo I push out to have fun with. I cum good then I wait and let the poo dry on my skin. I come back to play after a couple hours of staying shitty, and now I need to come hard all shitty. 


I  walk outside wearing a white tank top and gray pajama bottoms with silky cummy fullback panty. I am nice and horny thinking about  getting very dirty with my poo.  I begin by wetting my pj pants. mmmm Then I start smearing some saved shit on my face and on my breasts and inside of my pussy starting to make my clothes filthy with my shit. Enjoy watching while I have a  dirty scat panty adventure and get off so hard staying in all shitty! Two versions come with this video


#1067 Poop Dirty Black cummy Panty Cum Wipe, 25:17s

Watch while I go poop on the toilet smelling my black cummy panty. I am horny needing to cum hard while wearing my scented cotton dirty panty. Smell and cum hard to my dirty panty scents and stains. 

#1065 Worship My Dirty Panties, 10:06s

I have been wearing my panties a lot thinking of you my dirty toilet. I want you to worship, smell, taste, and get off to my dirty cummy poopy stained panties to please and amuse my hot ass. 

#1059 Big Poo then panty Cum, 21:55s

I push out a big creamy poop which made me super horny. I keep on my panty and masturbate after going to the bathroom without wiping my ass. I cum good while teasing myself and use my panty for my toilet paper. I love thinking of you smelling my worn ass wiped panty. 

#1033 Constipated Tan Panty Poo, 14:27s

I want to poop in my tan cotton panty it feels like I need to go badly, but I am so constipated. Watch as I try adding more poop in my panty twice.

#1018 Cumming in Dirty White Panty, 18:32s

I just woke up not too long ago, and need to go pee. I pull down my white cotton fullback panties and my pussy gets wet immediately from seeing my yellow and brown stained panties. I need to smell my dirty panty…mmmmm My stained panties smell so good, I need to get off now! I get up on my bed and reach for my vibrating wand. I want to feel the super strong vibrations pressing down on my pussy and clit. It feels so amazing, I keep teasing my pussy through my stained cotton panties until I cum extremely hard squirting wetting my panty. I pull down my panty and smell my scents after I cum…yummy!! I made my white panties much more dirtier with a surprise of a little bit of poo in my panty. I came so hard the rest of the shit must have come out of my asshole while orgasming


#1014 Cummy Poopy Cotton Panty, 10:52s

I haven’t gone poo in over three days now while wearing my striped cotton cummy panty. I let you follow and watch me when I go pee at the gas station, but still no poop. I eat more foods and wait until the next morning, and finally I get the urge to shit. It’s been so many days, I want to feel my warm poop in my panty and make them messier. My poop comes out so creamy and thick, I wipe my ass with my full poopy panty, but my ass is so messy mud butt. I put on silky tight gray panties, and clean up my poopy asshole with a second panty since there is so much shit! I love it when you smell, taste, and play wth my dirty poopy panties!

#1008 Adding Sexy Dirty Scents Blue Cotton Panty, 44:55s

I know you love the way my pussy and ass smell, so I have been wearing my blue cotton panty for you for several days without washing. The panty crotch is already nicely stained, and my pussy is wet thinking about you cumming to my dirty blue cotton panty. Enjoy watching while I take off and put on my panty while going to the bathroom a few times. I know you love watching me poop, so I pooped three times while wearing these cotton panties adding more of my ass scents. Three types of consistencies: small/firm, loose/creamy, and firm/creamy I decided I wanted you to smell more of my shit than just a few small poop stains and still wanted to preserve my yummy cummy pussy stains in the panty. I wipe my ass with a second cotton panty to clean myself up, and for you to enjoy more of my powerful aroma from dirty ass wipes. Cum hard to my sexy ass! 

I am looking forward to you smelling my sexy scents. I have been wearing my cummy white cotton fullback panties, pantyhose, and stinky white baby doll socks for you. I want you to follow and watch me as pull down my panties I go pee a couple times then poop. I know you can’t wait to smell my sexy poop too! After pooping outside, I masturbate in my cummy panties and stinky socks with my vibrator wand adding my final cum before you smell me. I want you to smell my pussy in my pantyhose too, so I tease myself more with my high powered vibrator thinking of you enjoying all the dirty scents from my sexy body.


#1003 Follow me Shitting in White Cotton Panty, 16:05s

I put on my white cotton panty looking forward to adding my stains in them for you. I know that you love seeing my cum stains grow in my panty when I go to the bathroom. I think about you every time I pull up and down my panties. Enjoy watching the stains grow in my panties after several day wear and shits. Cum hard to my worn cotton panty and big poops! 

#989 Silky Gray Panty Poop, 10:21s

I am topless outside wearing only a pair of dirty silky gray panties. I need to poop, and I want you to eat from my shitty panty. It feels so nice as the wind is blowing ready to feed my toilet slut. I push some creamy poop into my stained panties making them dirtier for you to enjoy. I tease you with my shitty asshole, I want you to cum hard while eating from my silky panty. 

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