I like enemas because even though it's cleaning out your ass they feel so naughty...plus I always find a way to make them filthy. The anticipation and the pressure building up while you wait before releasing enema is a big turn on! Email me if you desire to buy content, custom video, or request.  scatgoddess@gmail.com

I am back at the hotel the next morning after getting filthy with my green masked fan the day before. I wanted to do some enema play to get the rest of my ass cleaned out, so my fan tapes me while I insert the enema and fill up my ass. I lay back and push my ass up and push…poop and enema squirts back out of my ass. First some thicker weird consistency poop shoots out then some firm poop balls. I catch and lick some of my pee in my mouth as my ass is emptying out, it feels so hot and sexy! I push firm poop balls in my pussy and back in my ass. I masturbate and play with my enema poop and get off good in the hotel bathtub. 


I am naked outside on a white sheet very horny and ready to fill up my full ass with an enema. I have been thinking about cleaning out my ass and then getting all dirty again cumming hard while listening to the sounds of nature. I begin squeezing the bag, so the water flows and fills up my butt. I try to hold for a few minutes feeling very full before squirting my dirty brown poo out. It feels so hot pushing out! I rub my poo on my feet then smear all over my skin. I tease my pussy and ass with my fingers while eating two pieces of my shit. I cum so hard while tasting and swallowing and getting filthy outside! I love getting filthy out in nature.


I have been wearing my white cotton bikini panties over and over again until they have gotten super crusty with my Goddess juices, cum, discharge, sweat, and piss. My scents have gotten nice and powerful making me think of my lucky dirty panty boy who have the job of cleaning up my filthy panties. My panties aren’t dirty enough, so I began collecting my piss. I teased my pussy and wiped my ass in my dirty panty. Then I went to bed with a full ass to dream of giving myself a piss enema upon waking up. I woke up extremely horny, and could barely make it time to capture collecting all of my morning pee, I had to go so badly! I decided I wanted to get even filthier instead of just a piss enema, I would add a little bit of shit first to make it a shitty piss enema. I fill up my ass with shitty strong saved piss and then release it all in my dirty white panty to make them filthy and perfect for dirty panty cleaner boy to clean up to please Goddess. Worship all that comes from my Goddess ass! 


I had to go away and travel for a family trip, and by the time I got to my mum’s house my tummy hurt so bad. I was so constipated, I had not pooped in eight days! I had ate a lot, so I know that I had to be really packed up. I was feeling so much pressure in my tummy I needed to get all of the shit out of my body. I was feeling nausea and yucky. My mum first instructed me to go to her bathroom and put on a glove and get some Vaseline on gloved finger to put up my butt. My mum thought that the Vaseline would help me go, but nothing happened. She left the house immediately then and bought me two enemas. I took one enema up to her bathroom and got on the floor and gave myself the first enema. I let it stay inside my ass until I could not hold it any longer. I filmed until I got too sick feeling and could not film any more. I wanted my toilet sluts to worship all that comes from my sexy body, but I had to take care of myself and lay down after to recuperate. I got some shit out, but I knew there had to be much more shit packed in my ass. I decided that I would wait the recommended 24 hours and then do another enema. The next night, I went to my mum’s bathroom and got on her floor again and gave myself the second enema. This time much more shit came out of my ass. It gave me some feeling of relief, but I still got the sick nausea all over hot feeling after the enema, throwing up again and had to lay down until I felt better. That was the longest time period I have gone without pooping! I was not trying to hold back the urge to poop on purpose. I just could not go poop, and it made me very sick. I was able to clean out my ass like I wanted before I had to get on the plane and fly back home. Worship all that comes from my sexy body and enjoy my naughtiness in my mum’s bathroom since she did not know I was filming myself clean out my ass on her bathroom floor!! 


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