Sexy Filthy Scat Goddess

I love filming and photographing myself when I am getting off dirty because it makes me cum the hardest. It keeps me horny knowing my fans and toilet sluts enjoy all of my sexy filth! Email me if you wish to buy content, custom video, or request.

I want you to join me while I give my hair a deep scat conditioning hair treatment. I saved a couple loads of my shit, so my poop hair mask will be extra smelly and powerful!

I want to absorb all the vitamins and minerals out of my shit and back into my hair making it healthier as you jerk off to my hot shitty hair until I instruct you to cum! I think you need some of my special hair treatment too!

I am so horny after telling dirty, naughty secrets to a fan during a web cam show. Enjoy watching while I pee in a cup and drink it. Then I let you watch me poop. I put my turds in my mouth, sucking and really tasting all of the flavors of my shit. Watch while I eat and swallow all of my poop. I muted some of the audio when my fan was talking for privacy, I knew you would still want to watch me consume! =)

I have been waiting to get filthy with my dirty jake like on cam. Enjoy watching while I firm poop balls pop out of my asshole. I am so horny, I instruct my dirty slut to watch me poop, then poop for me and get filthy with me. I rub my poop balls on my chest and face giving it a brown hue. My turds feel so good filling my hands, I push them inside of me to fill up my pussy. Cum with me while I push my poop balls in and out of my pussy. I love when you cum all scatty with me! At the end of the video you will get to look at the sexy dirty aftermath of my playtime in hot scat modeling pictures.

After cumming good while playing with my poop and then in my poopy panties, its time to get cleaned up. I thought it would be extra naughty and filthy to wash myself in the shitty water. Enjoy watching as I make myself even stinkier when I am supposed to be getting clean and smelling good.

I am all covered with shit. I wish you were here, Daddy, to see and smell the mess I have made. I put on my white panties thinking of you getting me dirty and have fun smearing myself in the dirty tub turning the cotton panty brown. I know you love cumming in my messy poopy panties when we are apart. Enjoy watching your dirty babycakes have fun in her poopy mess.

Enjoy watching my bigger curves as I am naked in the bathtub. My ass is full, and I have brought some saved loads with me to make more of a mess smearing, tasting and swallowing my shit while I play with myself . Watch  and cum with me as I play and get real shitty!

#2011 Staying Dirty Filthy Longtime, 37:00s, 40:23s, 47:48s, 30:45s

If you enjoy watching my sexy ass get my panties and clothes dirty, you will love this video. I get and stay dirty in my panty and jeans for days anticipating the filthy time I'm about to have. I've been waiting so long to get off good, I bring a couple saved loads of my shit with me to begin the filthy fun time to begin. I let the shit dry on my skin...I smell so good. I wish you could smell my powerful aroma. I really get into the smearing!  Cum buckets for my poopy panty and filthy clothes.

(The first filthy making of the dirty panty 37:00 video is not available yet on cassiescatstore since it contains a tiny bit of period blood removing a tampon)

I've been smelling my pussy through my dirty silky panties and it has been making me so horny. I need to take a little break. I go to the bathroom with two saved loads of my poop excited to make a mess and have some dirty fun. I haven't played in a long time it feels like, and I need to cum badly! Enjoy watching while I start by rubbing my shit on my nipples letting it dry. Then I insert a firm piece of shit inside of my pussy and pull up my pants. This is going to be a fun and such a dirty time.   Cum and watch me get so nasty and filthy and get off so good too in my shitty silky panty and clothes. mmmm

#2005 Getting Filthy with Dirty Toilet, 14:49s

I enjoyed having my dirty toilet put on my most worn out poopy purple panties that I pooped so much in. My pussy was so excited thinking about him getting filthy for me I've been waiting to cam and play and get filthy. While he is wearing my dirty panties I poop, push out a creamy turd. Smear the poo on my body and get filthy while I watch my dirty slut get filthy for me on cam. Enjoy watching while I cum hard all scatty. 

I am so horny with a full enema ass while wearing my tight black pants. I can't wait to feel the amazing release and explosion that is about to happen! I push, and it feels so hot omg! I smear my mess on my black pants making my legs brown, making me hornier wanting to fill up my ass again with another enema....mmmm Watch my sexy filthy asshole while I pull down my pants then pull them back up to push out another brown liquid mess through my pants. It felt so good as always.

I have been so horny waiting to get dirty for you, Daddy. Mommy is gone now, and I can play, yay! I start off by putting a little enema in my ass ready to be your dirty girl for  you in my cute pigtails and toe less socks. I was also naughty and saved two  loads of my girly poo, so now I can have fun thinking of you my Dirty Daddy. I get filthy playing with my pussy, feet, sucking on my toes wishing I was getting shitty with you, come home soon and play with me Daddy! There are two versions of this video, enjoy watching me play and get dirty as I play with my poo.

#1077 Poo then lil taste & Face Smear, 11:02s

Enjoy watching while I push out a creamy poo,  smell itput it in a bag and then wipe my dirty shitty hands on my face. 

I came so much in my poopy panty and clothes that I stashed my clothes outside to cum in them again.  A couple days went by I was horny knowing that there was still a load left in my old panty to play with. I have been holding back the urge to go so I can push my next load out in my poopy panties. I can barely hold back the urge while putting on my clothes to poop. Once I poop I can't believe how much creamy poo I push out to have fun with. I cum good then I wait and let the poo dry on my skin. I come back to play after a couple hours of staying shitty, and now I need to come hard all shitty.

I walk outside wearing a white tank top and gray pajama bottoms with silky cummy fullback panty. I am nice and horny thinking about  getting very dirty with my poo.  I begin by wetting my pj pants. mmmm Then I start smearing some saved shit on my face and on my breasts and inside of my pussy starting to make my clothes filthy with my shit. Enjoy watching while I have a  dirty scat panty adventure and get off so hard staying in all shitty! Two versions come with this video

Get ready to cum loads while watching me tease myself in silky seamless pantyhose. I love rubbing my skin while wearing stockings, and it's even better with lots of shit in there smearing them all brown. Cum hard while I get filthy in my pantyhose.

Come here my toilet fuck toy. You need to worship my sexy pussy, ass, pretty face, and all the hot shit that I create.  I know you need it, I'm going to make it harder on you, now you need to worship my shitty breasts, pussy, and ass that you love staring at.

#1063 Poo Pee Lil Scat Poo, 13:39s

Watch while I push out my shit, get horny and have a taste and poop and pee some more. I love teasing my craving toilets while I taste my shit after going to the bathroom. 

I am messy smeared with my shit after playing with my cute  toilet  slut. I need to have another scat cum before bathing and washing all the shit off of my body. Enjoy watching as I get filthy and cum hard while smearing, smelling, and consuming my chocolate.

#1041 Quick Surprise Scat, 9:51s

Enjoy watching me poop live and have a little dirty fun before my video ran out. And then scooping poop out of toilet and having  little smell and taste...both were unexpected scat times other than pooping didnt plan to get dirty.

Follow me several times while I have to go to the bathroom while wearing blue panties. I keep wearing blue underwear until the crotch is nicely stained. I have worn them a lot adding my stains and scents thinking of my DDT. I need to get off good, so I lay on my bed and begin teasing my pussy with my vibrator wand. The vibration feels so good, I get surprised and some poop pushes out of my ass. I put my poop in my mouth to taste it thinking of my Dirty Daddy smelling, tasting, and cumming hard to his dirty little girls dirty blue panties.  I get off hard squirting wetting the blue cotton panty while tasting my poo.

After getting filthy with one of my scat lovers, I need to cum one last time by before getting cleaned up.  I am covered with several loads of shit, and need to get off  with some of my poop still left on the bed. Enjoy watching as I get more scatty before heading for the shower. I feel and cum so good when I'm filthy!

After feeding and sharing shitty kisses with my toilet slut there was still little bit of his shit left. I need to cum hard one last time before getting jumping in the shower and getting cleaned up. I lick, taste my toilet sluts shit teasing my body while he films me playing with myself. I spit into my hard and smear on my pussy and begin fingering my pussy. It feels so good getting filthy with my toilet slut again. Enjoy watching me cum hard, the clip is around 5 minutes,so you get to enjoy extra different views of my scatty cum with my toilet sluts shit. I bet you wish I was tasting and eating your shit while cumming hard! (Rare Male Poo Tasting)

I woke up very horny and hungry to get filthy and taste my shit. I came so good the last time that I smoked and ate my shit that I am ready for some more. I begin by rubbing my skin, and teasing my body while smoking a cigarette. While I am smoking, I pull up my rainbow mini dress and push out some creamy turds. I pick up my poop and smell it before licking. It feels so good smoking and relaxing while getting all scatty. I rub a little bit of my shit on my body while playing getting off. Enjoy watching me while I smoke cigarettes and eat my shit.

#1011 Worship More of my Sexy Scat, 15:00s

I have had a lot of filthy fun this year, and can’t wait to have even more scat fun next year. Enjoy my dirty ass and scat pictures from September through December 2017 in this sexy still picture video. I know you love seeing all of my filth, so enjoy seeing more of me when I am done after filming. Worship all of my sexy asshole! 

I put on a jacket and go outside to smoke a cigarette, and suddenly get the urge to poop. I pull down my exercise, panty and poop right on the ground. I wish you were here to share my poop with me right now. I pull up my pants, and pick up my big turd and start licking my shit. I begin tasting and eating my shit thinking of your hard your cock.  I suck on my shit thinking it was your cock, and then begin gobbling it all in my mouth like your good filthy girl. I want you cock rock hard watching me eating my shit. I cum so hard eating and swallowing my shit  outside while not even touching myself! I love when you cum to my dirty ass. I lick my lips, giggle as I walk away thinking about you getting off hard to my filthy ass!

I just got finished getting filthy while shitting and smoking cigarettes. I decided I wanted to stay dirty for a little bit longer before getting all cleaned up with the water hose. It felt so good smearing, tasting, and eating my shit earlier I got so horny and needed to cum a few more times before washing off my sexy shit. Enjoy watching while my filthy ass cums hard outside.

I have been craving and waiting so long to get filthy and taste my shit again. I only have a couple clove cigarettes left in my pack, and my husband said he doesn’t want me to buy another pack. I really need to get off hard now while smoking especially since my husband hates both my smoking and scat! I get undressed, and my poo is already starting to push out of my asshole. I'm so excited to smear my hot mess all over my body while I smoke and cum. I taste, eat, and put my shit back in my pussy making myself cum so nasty. Enjoy watching while I get all scatty messy all over my curvy body with cigarette smoking for the first time ever!

I am horny, need to go to the bathroom, and I need to cum! The first two scenes I am at the laundry mat and need to get off while tasting my dirty asshole. I go to the bathroom then get on the floor and finger my ass tasting my poop while people are doing their laundry on the other side of the door. The third scene I am outside and thought I just needed to pee, but got horny and began masturbating when I started pooping. I get a little shit on my finger and tasted after cumming. Enjoy watching me cum during my quick scat potty breaks.

​I am outside so horny to make a mess in my cummy piss stained turquoise panty. I start by making a mess while still dressed in my white spandex top and silky pajama pants. I love feeling the mixture of wet pee and my poop together on my skin. Waiting to get filthy for so long has me so excited. I grab the poop from my panty and put it in my pussy. I want to make a huge mess and cum hard with my shit. I use my dildo to push the shit inside of my pussy more. It feels so good, I need to get filthier, I put my shitty panty inside of my pussy while I cum more rubbing shit all over my body Cum hard to my sexy filthy pussy..It feels so good staying shitty for a long time period!

#983 Naughty Nun in Nature, 6:26s, 1:46s

Enjoy watching moments while I am being a naughty nun outside in nature in this naughty still picture video. My servant w took pictures while I pooped in my hand and then smeared my poop being a filthy naughty nun. This picture video had to be split into two parts : pooping and smeared nun. 

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