My Sexy Farts

I love having the gas that comes from my sexy ass enjoyed and worshiped. It keeps my pussy wet knowing that my hot fart noises make you cum so hard! Email me to buy content, panties, custom videos, and requests.

#2069 BBW Quarentine Farts from my Big Ass, 2:53s

I have been eating a lot of Jack Links beef jerky. I like other jerky better, but this brand tastes good too and makes me very gassy! I love eating a snack I love farting thinking of you smelling all of my dirty asshole you love! I love holding in my farts and sharing them with you, it keeps my pussy so wet!

#2028 Come Here Dirty Big Bro, 14;11s

Come here my dirty big brother. I know how much you love staring at my ass. since you think about it all the time, I have a surprise for you. I lift up my short dress and have you smell and lick my ass. Then, I make you lick up my dirty asshole after pooping. I will keep our little secret from Mom and Dad as long as you keep pleasing your sister's dirty unwashed and gassy asshole.

I enjoy saving my farts for you. I wish I could blow all my stinky gas in your mouth and face!

I enjoy saving my farts for you. I wish I could blow all my stinky gas in your mouth and face!

I have been waiting ever since I bought these black leather trousers to poop in them for you! I love the loud crinkles when I wear them, it makes me think of you. I can’t wait to poop in my black leather pants and pushing out stinky farts in them for you. After modeling and teasing in my black leather trousers, I poop a creamy load in them before pulling them down showing you my dirty ass. I put some water in my ass because I want to get all the poop out and get my leather pants nice and messy. It makes my pussy so excited when my farts push out of my ass through my leather pants. I love having you watch me get filthy and get off in my poopy leather pants! It feels so god smearing my creamy shit on my pants thinking of your hard cock cumming on my shitty leather trousers. Cum hard to my sexy ass.

I love waiting for you, so you can smell my asshole when I need to fart. Put your face where it belongs in my sexy ass while you follow me around, craving to smell my sweet stinky farts. I know you want my gas right in your face. Enjoy my saved farts because they belong right in your mouth, so you can inhale and eat my farts up to please me!

Come closer, I have been saving my ass gas for you. I love thinking about you smelling the scents that come out of my sexy ass when I fart. Where ever I am, I pull down my panties and release my ass gas sharing my farts with you since it keeps my pussy nice and wet. I wish I could just fart all over you!

#706 You Love My Ass in Black Leather, 31:37s

I bought a new pair of black pants knowing it would make you so excited seeing my ass in leather. I love teasing you and having your face right in my leather pants. I get horny from the time I am shopping in the store for leather pants, because I know how much you love the way they look and feel on my skin. I am teasing and showing you my ass wrapped in leather, when all of a sudden I couldn’t help it I pooped in the pants I bought to wear for you. I saw you give me a little smile when I told you what had happened. That kept me horny and wanting to cum and have you fuck me wearing my dirty black leather pants and boots. Now I’m really glad that I had a little accident in front of you it really made me cum hard! I hope you enjoyed. 

#633 Sniff MY Stinky Farts, 8:31s

I love pulling down my panties and pressing my cute asshole up against your face, so you can sniff my stinky farts. I love when my farts go up your nose and in your mouth, so you can taste the smelly farts directly from my sexy asshole! I think of you when I have gas, and enjoy saving my farts to blow them on you! Follow my sexy ass around and wait for my powerful gas to intoxicate you! Enjoy my stinky farts!

I want you to enjoy following me around while I sneak off and give you the farts I have been saving for you. I love pulling down my dirty panties and pushing my hot ass and fart directly in your face. I love using you when I am on my period too! 

I’ve been holding my farts until I could push my smelly gas in your face. I love making you smell the farts that I save for you to inhale my sexy ass. It makes my pussy so wet when I make you lick my asshole after I make you watch my pretty asshole open up and release my stinky farts in your mouth! Cum hard to my farts that I want you to have in your face and mouth.

Follow me, come closer, so I can fart on you. Stick your nose, tongue, and face right in my sexy ass and inhale my stinky farts!

Come here now and put your face in my ass. I've saved my farts just for you to inhale to keep you addicted to my sweet sexy Goddess ass. Sniff and Inhale MY Sexy Farts!

Come here… I need to fart in your mouth and push my gas all in your face, up your nostrils, and down your throat. I want you to taste my precious farts that come from my pretty ass! Follow me, and I will use you when I need to fart!

I love having my toilet slut waiting as I am ready to unload my Goddess ass in your face. I want to fart right on you, so you may inhale all of the stinky aroma out of my sexy asshole!! I want your cock hard for my powerful farts, and cumming loads always to please Goddess! Fart Compilation Video #10

Open up your mouths and taste my Goddess farts. Over my birthday weekend I lost my voice, but still had lots of gas for my sluts to worship from my sexy ass. Inhale all that I give you!!  Listen and cum to my sexy smelly gas that poots out of my cute ass!

I love running to give you my Goddess farts and pushing my gas right into your face, on your tongue, into your mouth and your nose! I want you to breathe in all of my precious and sexy farts. Love all the little pretty gifts that I give you from my hot ass. I want you waiting to receive my yummy farts since it brings a smile to my face to give them to you! I just wish you were directly under my ass right now smelling my ass and farts!

I want you to worship more of my precious gas. I love holding and releasing my stinky farts, so you may enjoy watching as my asshole opens up and lets my farts out. I wish you could inhale and taste my precious Goddess gas right now. I love when you think about my sexy ass and wonder if I have been gassy.

Open up your mouth and taste my yummy farts. I love when you taste my powerful gas that I release throughout the day. I want you to eat up and worship my farts. I love filling you with my Goddess farts!

Put your nose right up to my cute butt and sniff the farts that my sexy asshole releases! Watch and listen as I collect my farts for you to sniff and smell my ass! I know you wish you could lick my hot ass right now, especially while I am letting one loose!

I want you to inhale all of my stinky powerful Goddess farts. Open up your mouth and eat up the sexy farts that come from my Goddess ass. I love to fart on my toilet then give kisses until more gas builds up!! Worship MY Goddess farts!

I want you to worship all of my stinky gassy farts that come out of my sexy ass. Inhale my Goddess ass and get intoxicated with my ass aroma. Stick your tongue deep inside my asshole after farting to capture the left over gas on your tongue. Wait to breathe in my powerful Goddess farts! Inhale my ass!

#87 Laxative Period Farts, 5:55s

I begin by chewing up chocolate laxatives to have affect later. I feel like I need to get some relief , and want my ass worshiped, but I just have to fart! I tease in my panties, and then I pull down my panties and you can see the tampon string hanging from my pussy. Worship My Goddess ass! 

I just finished taking some photos of myself wearing a dressy top, black mini skirt, ivory pantyhose,and black thong. I feel like I need to fart badly after taking out the black triple ripple anal plug that I was wearing while taking sexy pictures of myself. I lay on the bed wearing my black thong with my ass in the air, and spread my ass open. I fart and a little ass juice and poop comes shooting out of my ass. I wish you could inhale and taste what came flying out of my asshole! The video ends with the pictures that I took of myself wearing my black thong, pantyhose, while my ass was plugged with my anal plug.

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