Poop Smears

#415 Playtime for Goddess, 22:45s

I have been holding my poop for a couple days, and I am so horny ready to get filthy and cum hard. It is late at night and I am in my bathroom totally naked with a pretty jewel butt plug in my ass. I get on my hands and knees in the doggystyle position and let out a nice long fart. It felt so good, and immediately turned me on thinking of farting right into your face. Then I pushed out strong streams of piss and a creamy poop! My pee was the best feeling piss release yet! I was so hot and horny, I pushed my creamy shit into and covering my pretty pussy. Fingering and pushing my shit deeper into my pussy felt so good getting coated with my thick creamy poop! I suck on my shitty fingers thinking of you smelling and tasting all of my poop. I love getting filthy and cumming hard, so you can cum even harder! to my filthy ass! 

#402 Jizz on My Pretty Scat Face & Body, 31:13s

I have been waiting for you, holding back the urge to shit, and it has made my pussy extra creamy. I am horny, naked in my bathroom, and shit out three firm yet creamy turds. I want you to shoot your load all over my shit smeared body. I push and finger the first turd back into my asshole mostly making a mess all over my sexy body. I finger my asshole and pussy with my shit covered fingers pushing your sperm and my shit back inside of me. With the second piece of shit I pop it in my mouth, chewing up and tasting my own shit. It tastes strong but with sweetness and filled with seeds. I chew and spit out my shit onto my breasts making a nice messy. I get the third piece of shit and push in between and smear all over my sexy tits. I love the feel of my shit smearing all over my horny body. I want you to jizz  for me all over my pretty shitty face and body. I love when you wait to cum for my filthy ass!

#399 Cum for My Sexy Shit Covered Body, 23:42s

I have been holding back the urge to poop until you could watch me get nice and filthy. I want to make your cock rock hard and have you shoot loads of cum for my sexy shit covered body! I strip out of my sexy red lace nighty and thong and lay down on the bathroom floor. I have been holding back the urge to poop and waiting to get dirty for a few hours.  I am naked super horny smearing my shit all over my breasts, stomach, thighs, pussy. I finger my shit covered pussy thinking of your rock hard cock while I smear and get all messy. I cum several times while fingering my shitty pussy. Cum all over my shitty body!  I want to suck your cock after you cum so I can taste your cum and my shit mixed together.  (This was a custom video for my fan, Chris.) 

#395 Special Shit Day, 23:44s

I feel the urge to go to the bathroom, so I  poop in my porcelain potty. I save the creamy turds to play later since I can't play right now. Within an hour, I had to go to the bathroom two more times, but it was  much looser than the first. After pooping three times, my pussy is so wet and horny waiting to get filthy.  I put a pair of toeless nude pantyhose on because I want to feel all silky and get covered with my shit. Once I have my pantyhose on, I feel my tummy rumble and poop more in my silky pantyhose.  I smear my shit on my pantyhose and body getting myself nice and dirty. I pull down my pantyhose, and finger my shitty pussy. I feel so sexy and turned on covered with my sexy shit.  I want you to fuck my shitty ass and pussy. I need to taste you cum and my shit together. Fuck your filthy Scat Goddess  and cum hard for my sexy ass!  

#392 Toilet Surprise Smear, 15:24

After going poop in my porcelain toilet, I use my hands to scoop out my sexy poop.   My shit feels nice and creamy and I can't wait to rub it all over myself so I can cum and get off good.  I rub my shit on my skin smearing all over thinking of my toilet slut worshiping my shit covered body. I push shit into pussy fingering myself good getting my pussy all filthy. I cum so hard with a dirty pussy!  Worship MY sexy filth!  

#377 Smearing Cam Fun, 22:55s

I just got home after a scat session shitting in one of my toilet slut’s mouth, and I am still horny to get filthy! I am naked on my bathroom floor ready to get off live on cam with one of my scat fans. Enjoy watching while I play and get dirty with my poop, smearing it all over my curvy body, masturbating all shitty, putting poop in my pussy, cumming hard. I love when you watch me get off filthy! 

#124 Big Smear Play, 19:03s

I allow you to watch as I get ready to have some sexy dirty fun with myself! I pull down my jean capris and panty. I give you a look inside the panties I have been wearing. They are filthy with ass stains. I need to go to the bathroom, but I also need to cum very hard! I get in the doggystyle position, so you can watch my asshole open up as I poop, and pee getting my legs and feet all wet. I lay back and begin teasing my pussy with my fingers, soaking myself even more with my squirt. It feels so good, but I need to lay back and play, and cum some more. I finger my dirty ass more and begin smearing my shit on my ass and back of my thighs. I start sucking on my glass dildo then slide it in my wet pussy. I fuck myself hard with the dildo making myself squirt even more. I draw a big shitty heart on my stomach then masturbate my pussy and ass with my dirty fingers. After I have cum, I smear more of my shit on my thighs, stomach, and breasts. I rub more shit on my pussy and then pop the rest in my mouth to suck on before giving you a shitty kiss. 

#14 First Scat Goddess Body Smear, 11:53s

#14 First Scat Goddess Body Smear, 11:53s

I tried to get to the bathroom quickly, but I just couldn’t hold back my poop! I pull down my white cotton panties and there is already a little shit on my white cotton panties plus some shit going down my leg. It made me extremely horny that I was already getting dirty before I even made it to the bathroom. I need to get even dirtier and have my all of my poop on my sexy body. I get on my knees and push out thick creamy poop. First, I start smearing my hot shit on my legs down to my sexy feet. I have a lot of shit left, so I rub my poop on my breasts, stomach , and cover my arms. My load was able to smear the whole front side of my body which made me very excited and horny of my big creamy poop! I feel so sexy and hot with my poop smeared all all over! Worship all of MY Filth and everything that comes from MY sexy body! ** This was the first time I really smeared a lot of my poop all over my body after getting turned on more by my Dirty Jim!**

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