My Period

I love having my menstrual cycle enjoyed and worshiped. I started period play while I was in high school, and have been enjoying it ever since. My period has always been a little irregular on it's schedule. I am surprised a lot of with messy period panties since I never know when I am going to start bleeding. During my period, I wear a variety of tampons, pads, panty liners, and soft cups. Sometimes, I don't wear anything to protect at all, and just bleed through into my panties. I do enjoy masturbation, oral, and having sex while I am on my period because it feels so good and sensitive. Email if you desire to buy content, period panties, trash, custom videos, or request.

#2001 More December Period & Bath, 13:42s

I wake up and realize that I had a little period accident in my pajama pants. Enjoy watching while I get cleaned up and get off cumming, then follow me more for more of my menstrual cycle you enjoy so much. 

#1099 December Period & Bathtime, 24:45s

Follow me around while I am having some of my menstrual moments during December. I've been on my period for a few days and want to soak in the bath, enjoy watching me get cleaned up too. 

#1088 July 2018 Menstrual Moments, 13:59s

Follow me to the bathroom while I am on my period. Enjoy watching my dirty panties, pees, and lots of poops.

#1052 May & June 2018 Menstrual Moments, 9:02s

I am thinking of you while I am on my period. I got surprised again and stained my panties more with my menstrual blood. I love having you stare at my tampon string while I go to the bathroom. I know it makes you wonder how much I am bleeding on my cycle. 

#1038 April 2018 Period Poop, 10:56s

Enjoy following me to the bathroom while I am on my period. Watch me poop while wearing a tampon, pee and pull out an instead cup at the end of my cycle. Worship all of my poop and menstrual cycle. 

#1006 Bathroom Breaks in Brown Silky Period Panty, 17:57s

I am on my period, and have been wearing my brown silky panties for a few days now. I begin wearing a tampon, but towards the end of my cycle just wear a pantyliner. I haven’t taken a shower since before my period, so I can really smell my dirty scents. I want you to follow me while I go to the bathroom during my period wearing my scented brown silky period panties. I love pulling up my panties after going potty adding more stains and smells to my worn panties. 

#978 September 2017 Period Moments, 25:47s

I started my period and I always get so horny because I don’t get fucked during that time. Enjoy watching me poop my panty, tasting my dirty ass, smelling my dirty stained panties, and pooping. I love having you watch all my menstrual moments. 

#948 Menstrual Moments July 2017, 20:25s

I want you to enjoy my dirty menstrual moments from the month of July 2017. I got surprised again with my period starting when I had a terrible tummy ache that gave me loose shits. I began bleeding heavy from the start of my menstrual cycle. I insert and remove soft cups to collect my period blood thinking of you smelling and tasting my pussy during my period. One morning I can’t hold back any longer and want to feel my warm poo on my skin, I push a big thick creamy poop in my panties. Enjoy my private bathroom moments during my menstrual cycle. I love when you smell and taste my period scents and juices.

#923 May/June 2017 Menstrual Moments, 9:56s

Enjoy watching my menstrual moments during the very end of the month in May and then I had it again in less than two weeks. I went to the bathroom showing off my body and cummy panty and truly got a surprise of my period starting and it stained my cummy panty. I didn’t have any tampons or thick pads, so I wore soft cups mostly, and pantyliners thinking of my toilet sluts smelling, tasting, and getting off to my period scents and juices. I started bleeding more heavily and lick some of the blood from my fingers. I love the taste of my period blood. I also enjoyed saving my period pee for you to drink and jerk off with using my period pee as lube.You need to of my private period moments in May and June. 

#583, 598, 635, 903 Sanitary Bin Raid Video Package, 18:01s , 9:06s, 14:31s, 12:47s

Enjoy all of my naughty sanitary bin public restroom raid videos in this period video package!

#903 Naughty College Bathroom Visit, 14:31s

While walking to the dentist at the college, I got the urge to poop. I knew it was going to be a longer visit and wouldn’t be able to hold it, so I went to the ladies room. Unfortunately, I was early in the morning and the bathroom hadn’t started to get busy yet. I pulled down my pants and pushed out a big creamy poop. It was such a nice poop, I didn’t want to flush it. Luckily, I had a shopping bag in my purse, so I was able to come back and get my poop after getting my teeth cleaned. It was naughty having a tiny taste before and after going to the dentist. After collecting my poo, I was horny and looked in the sanitary bin for some period surprises. 

#897 Outdoor Period Pee April 2017, 6:36s

Enjoy watching my sexy pussy take a few pees outside while on my menstrual cycle during the month of April 2017. It feels natural and so good peeing out in nature! 

#889 Silky Poopy Panty Getting Off End Cycle, 19:32s

I am so horny right now and need to cum. I have a softcup inside of my pussy that has been collecting the end of my cycle blood. I remove the period cup waiting to make a sexy mess. I have been holding back the urge to poop while only wearing my silky panties. I push a thick creamy load into my silky panty, sniff it then begin licking my filled panty. I play with my pussy while smelling, licking, and tasting my poopy panty. It feels so good cumming while my mouth is dirty with my shit!

#888 Still Horny After Pooping, 20:23s

After pooping outside I am still a little dirty on my feet, pussy, and ass. I need my toilet slut to help clean me up. Smell and lick clean my dirty soles, toes, and up my thighs to my bleeding pussy and poopy asshole. I need to cum while you are cleaning me up. I play with vibrator, and double ended dildo as I get off nice while I am still messy thinking of you cleaning my sexy body up! 

#886 Light Period Hardest Squirt Cum, 13:50s

My period has just began the night before, and now I am very horny. I have been wearing a soft cup inside my pussy for almost 12 hours, and I need to cum. I take out my cup, smell it, and put it in my mouth. I lick and suck and taste my strong pussy and menstrual juices out of the cup while tease my pussy with my powerful vibrator wand. I squirt so much while sucking on my period cup, I think it was one of the hardest cums that I have had during my period! My cum felt amazing!

#865 Two February Period Poops, 7:45s

A few days after Samantha Starfish left in February, I started my period. Usually being around another woman for a few days usually starts my period up if I have been waiting since my cycle is unpredictable. I want you to enjoy the poops that come out of my sexy ass while on my period. First, I pull down my black pants and padded panty and push out a creamy turds on a plate. For my second poop, enjoy watching me remove a full tampon and then poop another thick pile of creamy turds live on cam for one of my online toilet slaves.

#864 Menstrual Moments March 2017, 1:14:48s

I am on my period again, and I want you to follow and watch me while I go to the bathroom. I wear my tampons all day long and get them super soaked with my period blood. Enjoy watching as I pull the tampon string and reveal my full tampon, pee with tampon string hanging down, going potty with a padded panty. It turns me on so much to tease you during this special time of the month: my menstrual cycle! Worship all that comes out of my curvy body! 

#863 Menstrual Moments February 2017, 7:45s

I love when you watch me while I go to the bathroom on my period. I think about you tasting my period blood when I wear my tampon in my pussy all day thinking of you. It’s also so hot wearing no tampon and bleeding into my pad and panty and knowing you will be cleaning up my period stains soon. Enjoy while I change my pads and go pee with tampon hanging from my sexy pussy. At the end of the video displays pictures of my period panty and full bloody tampons. Worship my Menstrual Cycle! 

#859 Silky Pink Poopy Vomit Padsturbation, 30:23s, 39:04s

I have been wearing my silky pink fullback panties for a few weeks now and my pussy stains are smelling so good. My pussy is so wet thinking of my toilet slut panty lover to sucking clean my dirty panties, but they need need to get filthy first. Follow me to the bathroom while wearing my silky pink fullback panty and worship all that comes out of my sexy pussy and ass. I get surprised by my period and think of a naughty way to get off that I had not done in a long time, “padsturbation” It was an idea that one of my fans gave me years ago. I take off my soiled pad and put it inside a condom to use as a dildo, and fuck my bleeding pussy with it. I cum real hard while getting my silky pink panty poopy with the perfect little poo stain in the back that looks like the poop emoji. My period poop feels so warm and I want you to have even more that comes from my sexy body. I suck on my pink double ended dildo and vomit into the filthy pink panty you will be sucking clean. I get off while gagging and spitting up making my pretty pink silky panty super filthy for you to stroke your cock with and cum over and over again! 

#855 Big Creamy Period Poops, 21:24s

I haven’t pooped in three days, and I’ve been holding back the urge to poop for the last ten minutes listening to my hubby talk.I can’t wait any longer. I need you my toilet to be right under my sexy asshole, so I can unload all over you. I pull down my pants, and poop is a turtlehead poking out already. I push and a huge creamy shit pours out of my asshole, then drips of blood fall onto my sexy shit making it tastier for you. It turned me on seeing me start my period while pooping because you need all that comes from my body. Enjoy watching as I come back the next day, and push out a few more creamy period poops of my hot butt you love.

#805 Menstrual Moments January 2017, 11:14s

It’s now 2017, a brand new year for you to continue to worship my menstrual cycle. I love having you watch me go to the bathroom when its that time of the month. Follow me while I pee, push out firm poops deep from my asshole, and remove tampons during my first period of the new year. 

#759 Menstrual Moments 2016 Collection, 1:15:24s

Enjoy more of my sexy body while I am in the bathroom and on my period during 2016. I love adding more period stains to my dirty panties and have my sexy pussy worshiped during menstruation. 

#758 Menstrual Moments 2015 Collection, 22:51s

Enjoy more of my sexy stained period panties, pads, and tampons during my private bathroom picture video from 2015. 

#757 Menstrual BBW Moments Collection 2014, 15:09s

I gained 100 pounds during my pregnancy, and kept the extra weight for some time. Enjoy seeing my private period bathroom moments through still picture video when I was much heavier. 

#756 Menstrual Moments 2008-2012 Collection, 1:03:55s

Enjoy my private bathroom moments while on my period 2008-2012 through lots of my sexy still pictures. It turns me on so much to have my blood stained panties, pads, and tampons worshiped. 

#740 Menstrual Times 10/2016, 19:56s

My menstrual cycle has always been a little wacky. I hardly ever stay exactly on schedule, so I am usually always surprised with messed stained period panties. When I have another woman in the house, or hang around another girl a lot it seems to help my menstrual cycle seems to stay on track. I started my period when I got home from playing at Ashley’s house. I started of bleeding pretty heavy and using tampons. I love keeping my tampons in until they are really full because it feels so good pulling out of my tight pussy! Enjoy watching as I go to the bathroom inserting, and removing tampons and one period cup. My hubby doesn’t play with me while I am on my period, so I really love having my menstruation enjoyed and worshiped. I was lucky to have a friend come over one night to play with my pussy while I was wearing a period soft cup to hold back the blood. I slept with the cup inside my pussy all night and remove it in the morning. It’s so hot seeing the blood come out of my pussy! Cum to my sexy pussy and enjoy my latest period bathroom moments.

#727 Period Pee & Poop Sepetember 2016, 17:39

I have skipped a few months of my period and I am finally surprised by my cycle. My period begins heavy flow filling up tampons with blood that give me cramps. Enjoy watching my pussy closely while I pee while wearing a tampon, collecting my period pee, and release two period poops. It made my pussy wet knowing one of my toilet slaves would be worshiping a bottle of my period pee and my used tampons and pads. 

#692 Period Messy Panty Tampon Bathroom Visits, 18:39s

I love having you follow me to my bathroom while I am on my period. I have been growing out my pussy hair, so you can enjoy while you watch me pull down my stained period panties, pads, remove tampon and soft cup during my period. I let my pussy bleed all over myself thinking of you smelling and licking my stained thighs and pussy lips. Cum to my pussy while on my period. 

#684 Period Pee Saving Firm Poops, 8:50s

I am about to leave the house to go to the hardware store, and I need to remove the tampon that I put in the night before. I smell my cummy panties and tampon getting myself horny peeing and teasing my clit before leaving to go to the store. I squat on the toilet and pee more before pushing out a couple firm poops from my sexy ass. I put in a new tampon thinking of you smelling my period dirty scents. I scoop out my firm turds, smell them and save my poop to play with at a later time. My pussy is going to be wet while at the hardware store thinking about putting the firm poop in pussy when I have time to play and get filthy and cum hard like! I love saving my poop to play with!

#683 Menstrual Horny in Stained Panties, 21:07s

I came home from vacation and something was messed up with my water and wasn’t working. When I got undressed I was surprised with seeing I started my period. Since I would not be able to shower for a couple days, I put on period stained cotton flower panties without a wearing a tampon or pad. I could feel my period blood making my panties moist which is keeping me horny. I let you follow me to the bathroom so you can watch my period stained panties, thighs and pussy. I can smell my period stained panties, tease my pussy, lick my fingers, pee, and poop before inserting a tampon and putting on a pair of silky cream fullback panties. Later on that day, I come back into the bathroom with a pad in my cream silky panty. I am alone in the bathroom and I need to cum using my vibrator wand. I cum over and over again until my pussy is so sensitive. I put on my both pairs of period stained panties, so I can continue smelling myself keeping myself so horny!

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