Sweaty Socks!

I like to wear my socks over and over again because I love thinking of my fans and sluts smelling my stinky, sweaty well worn socks inhaling and cumming hard to my powerful foot aroma. I love having my worn socks sniffed, toes and feet licked and sucked. Email me if wish to buy content, worn socks, custom video, or request.  scatgoddess@gmail.com


#2009 Smell My Dirty Scents My Toilet, 7:22

Come here my toilet and smell my underarms, my panties, ass, and stinky socks. I want you worship all of my stinky dirty worn scents that I give you to enjoy from my body!

I am looking forward to you smelling my sexy scents. I have been wearing my cummy white cotton fullback panties, pantyhose, and stinky white baby doll socks for you. I want you to follow and watch me as pull down my panties I go pee a couple times then poop. I know you can’t wait to smell my sexy poop too! After pooping outside, I masturbate in my cummy panties and stinky socks with my vibrator wand adding my final cum before you smell me. I want you to smell my pussy in my pantyhose too, so I tease myself more with my high powered vibrator thinking of you enjoying all the dirty scents from my sexy body.


#899 Side Bathtub Hot Push Firm Poop, 8:42s

I was relaxing before going to bed watching tv when the urge to poop hit me. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in about four to five days. I really have to push to get my poop out, it feels so good finally releasing it and being naughty while my hubby is in the bedroom watching tv. I love when my pussy cums from pushing out a big poo from my asshole. 

I am wearing only a pair of tall black socks and I sit down on a pee pad. I tease you with my curvy, nude body before pushing out my poo. I cum good while pushing emptying out my sexy asshole. I squirted so hard while pooping and fingering my pussy this morning! It feels so good when I use my fingers and move around my dirty asshole! mmmm This video comes with two versions of this playtime to get a different view plus sexy dirty ass pictures that I took of myself after my hot poo cums.


#731 Sweaty Sock Punishment, 18:24s, 2:44s

I just got back from exercising, and I’m so pissed off that I have been wearing my white ankle socks all week long. I have asked you over and over again, but you haven’t washed any clothes! I have been smelling my sweaty foot aroma and now I have the best revenge to make you inhale all of my sweat. I want you to suck clean my sweaty dirty socks with your mouth! I have gotten horny thinking of using you in this manner after working out, I need to release the poop and farts I had been holding back. I squirt and cum good after having you watch me poop and have you lick my dirty ass. This includes with two videos, the shorter file is a closer side view of my pooping. 

#650 Sweaty Pissy So Horny, 21:26s

I have been running around wearing my dirty pink socks and sneakers smelling my sweaty feet all day. I get home and go to the bathroom, and first remove my black and pink Adidas sneakers. I love the way my feet smell when they get all stinky! I get undressed down to my black bra and peach panty smelling only my sweaty socks. I am so horny, I use the bathroom sink counter to get off with and to begin wetting my cotton panties. It feels so good when I can feel the warmth of my pee on my skin. I wish you could smell my dirty scents right now!

I am out shopping, and need to feed you. I love having you follow my sexy ass, so I can unload my huge poop that I have been carrying for you. I stop in the store’s public bathroom, and fill up your plate to feed you. My dirty ass smells so good, and I am so horny thinking of you jerking off watching me tasting my shit before spitting it out to give you. 


#636 Tasty Poop Made Me Cum, 12:52s

While I am out shopping, I get the urge to go to the bathroom. I take off my pants and push my firm poops into the toilet. My shit feels so good coming out of my asshole, it made my pussy drip cum. Now, I have to pop the shit that just came out of my ass into my mouth and get off in the discount store’s bathroom. I love tasting my poop when I am horny!

#608 Tasting My Poop at Dr's Office, 9:15s

I had to take my big butt girlfriend, Ashley, to the doctor’s office. While I was waiting I felt the urge to go poop, so I went into their restroom. I take of my sneakers and squat on the toilet so I can smell my sweaty feet and dirty panty as I go to the bathroom. My own scents make me so horny, and I know you wish you could smell and taste me right now. I pop my firm sweet tasting turds in my mouth making my tongue and mouth all brown. I wish I was spitting my brown poopy spit right in your mouth!

#597 Horny Babycakes Reading Poop Journal 3,

I have been studying and I can’t think anymore, I just need to cum and go to bed. I am still wearing my super strong smelling cotton white fullback panties thinking about pooping for you when you get home from work. I read you more about my bathroom visits that you missed while you were away from your dirty little girl. My pussy has been getting wetter keeping my dirty crotch moist knowing you will be home soon to play dirty with your horny babycakes.

#595 Horny Babycakes Reading Poop Journal 2, 42:02s

I horny and missing my Dirty Daddy dearly, so I go to bed bedroom and find my poop journal. I came so must the last time I read you my bathroom diary entries. I wanted to tell you more about the poops that you missed while you are working out of town for work. My dirty white cotton fullbacks have gotten so stained wearing them over and over again thinking of you, Daddy. I can’t wait for you to come home, smell and watch your sweet baby cakes poop!

#586 Sweaty & Horny on my Period, 27:32s

I am very sweaty smelling wearing my off black pantyhose,silky checkered bikini panty, orange socks, gray leggings. My pussy is filled with a tampon, and I am so horny smelling my scents during my period. I wish you were here with me smelling how sweaty my pantyhose feet are getting. I begin humping my pillow and teasing my pussy as I strip out of my of super worn out legging pants. Enjoy watching while I get myself off all sweaty and thinking of you inhaling my dirty, sweaty natural scents! After I cum several times, I remove my tampon and sniff my dirty menstrual aroma.

#585 Dirty Period Public Scat, 23:40s

I’ve been holding back the urge all day to go poop wearing layers of stained period panties, plastic pants, and black jeans. I can still smell my strong menstrual scents through the plastic pants and my jeans! I wish you could smell me right now, and get dirty with me. I leave my house to pick up a few things I need at the grocery store. While I am out shopping, I stop in their restroom and finally let out the poop that was hurting my tummy into my plastic pants. My warm poop feels so good while wearing so many dirty period panties, I decide to button my jeans back up and finish my shopping. I want to feel my poop against my skin and plastic pants while I shop listening to the soft crinkling noise as I walk, and smell my dirty natural scents. I leave the grocery store, but have another stop to make. I need to feel and smell my poop, so I head to the bathroom at the next store. I am smelling so powerful of shit, it gets me so turned on I make a nice big mess on the bathroom floor. I end my hot, filthy playtime with a little public scat clean up scene. I bag up all of my shitty dirty clothes and plastic pants and put it in my purse to take out of the store with me. 

#584 Heavily Scented on my Period, 11:51s

I have been cleaning up my house and I just finished exercising. I have been wearing a sports bra, t shirt, dirty off black pantyhose,worn out gray leggings, super sweaty orange socks and my stinky pink and black Adidas sneakers getting nice and sweaty. I just stopped and went to the store to pick up some drinks. My pussy is so wet from smelling all of my dirty scents. I stop in their bathroom and get off thinking of you smelling all of my dirty, natural scents!

#578 Horny Babycakes Reading Poop Journal, 29:19s

Your babycakes is horny and missing having you watching me poop and get filthy for you. I have been wearing my white dirty cotton panties a lot getting my panties all dirty for you! I tease my pussy with my fingers through my panties while reading you a few entries from my journal. I need you back home Daddy. I use my vibrator and cum again and again thinking of Daddy and how much I miss you!

#518 Period Scat Nasty Girl, 1:02:33s

I finally have the bathroom to myself to play while Mom is watching her tv shows. I hurry in and lock the door and unpack the goodies that I have in my bag: plastic table cloth, used tampon applicators, dirty panty liners, period stained panties, dildo, cake and a soda. I started my period earlier today, so I put a second pair of panties on top of my accident panties. I have been thinking of getting filthy in my bathroom all day long! I begin smelling my used tampon applicators and the aroma from my bleeding pussy and need to poop makes me do very naughty and nasty things. I need to feel my shit covering my skin so I can cum hard!! 

Your sexy dirty girl has a sweet birthday surprise for you. I bought you a cake, but kept having naughty thoughts every time that I looked at it. I know how much you love sweets and my ass, so I thought I would combine them as a special treat for you to enjoy. I need to get off and I want you to cum hard to my filthiness as I push my firm poop back into my pussy. It was so exciting having my pussy and mouth full of my shit while making a big mess of your birthday cake. I get so turned on that I make myself throw up and got even more turned on. I love getting filthy for my ass lover! 


#506 Thank You for the Candy, Daddy, 22:14s

I wanted to thank you, Daddy, for all the Halloween candy that you bought me. I have been eating so much of it, and it has made me so horny thinking about pooping for you, getting filthy for you, and just to please you, Daddy. I miss you so much when you are gone away for work. I need you to come home to your dirty girl soon. I saved two Halloween ghost candy peeps that you bought me and pushed them into to my full ass. My asshole is so gooey and sticky! I enjoyed eating the candies that were in my ass thinking of you. I needed to shit, it felt so goo thinking of you Daddy, I just had to pick up my shit and put it in my mouth. I needed to taste my poop and think of your hard cock. I need to cum so badly! Wishing you were getting filthy and eating the marshmallows right from your dirty girls ass. I masturbate with my mouth full of shit while enjoying the taste of my own poop. I love getting filthy for you Daddy 

#504 Pathetic Pussy Piggy, 14:10s

I’ve been wearing my worn pantyhose, socks, and sneakers all day, and now it’s time to give my pathetic pussy piggy a treat of my powerful foot aroma. I want to cover you with my sweaty feet, so all you can smell is Goddess before you get your bath with my precious nectar. I’ve been holding my piss just for you, my pathetic pussy piggy, so you will get a nice shower and even a little shitty surprise to make you even messier and more owned by my sexy ass! Worship all that comes from my sexy body! 

#502 Daddy, Help Me Play With My Pussy, 22:47s

Daddy, I had a little accident in my turquoise cotton panties. Will you help me Daddy please play with my pussy? I am so horny for you I need your help.. I can’t help but poop in my panties more and get myself completely filthy for Daddy! 

#482 Shitty Pussy Shitty Ass Lollipops, 40:08s

I was all ready to play on cam and super horny with one of my scat lovers, but something happened with their computer, and left poor Goddess all hot and horny with a full ass, speculum, anal plug, dildo, and tootsie roll pops. I waited and even went to my bedroom to masturbate over my panties with my wand massager, but no luck so I wanted my Goddess ass worshiped, and cum hard like I wanted and needed so badly!! Enjoy watching as I spread my pussy, and stuff a creamy load into my pussy, and make some yummy shitty pussy/ass lollipops. I eat one of the lollipops, and keep the rest for lucky toilet servants to consume to please my sexy ass.

#434 Sick but Horny for Daddy, 16:52s

I’m supposed to be in bed, but I am horny and I need to poop. Your little girl is horny, forgive me. I miss your cock, I know you miss your little girl’s poop. You can punish me later, but I need to go Daddy and cum I can’t wait any longer. I tease my pussy with my vibrator through my panty while I poop thinking of getting fucked by your hard cock later. I smear the shit on my ass thinking about getting better from being sick and then really getting filthy for Daddy soon! Sorry Daddy I made a mess…I’m gonna clean up and take a shower then I promise I will get back to bed! 

#422 Surprise Bro, I Started my Period, 40:08s

I was feeling so horny that my brother was visiting, but I had started my period. He had told me before that playing during that time of the month with his naughty sis wasn’t really his thing. I thought I would prove him wrong, and give him a little period surprise he would enjoy from his sexy sis! I came to him while he was naked on the bed and blindfolded him. I began kissing, teasing his cock and riding him. While I was on top of him I told him that I was on my period. By the end of our playtime, my bro was loving fucking his sis pussy and ass on my period. His long cock felt so good, I hadn’t had a period for a few months.

#381 Poopy Stained Thong Pussy Stuffing, 14:49s

I have been wearing my white thong over and over again, and letting the thong clean up my poopy ass. I am almost ready for my toilet servant to worship my worn thongs. He wanted to smell more of my Goddess pussy, so before sealing them up to send in the mail, I wanted to cum and stuff my filthy thongs inside my cummy pussy to add more of my Goddess cum and juices to my super stained and essence soaked thong for my servant to worship and enjoy. Watch as I masturbate with the dirty thong inside of my pussy and then as it comes out!! Worship all of my sexy filth!

#374 Poop for Daddy, 4:53s

I thought I could hold it for you until I got back from the doctor’s office, but I had to go before leaving. I love when you watch your little girl poop. After pushing out all of my poop, and showing you what I released into the toilet bowl. I want my Daddy to smell sweaty stinky feet after going to the bathroom, so you can smell your little girl’s ass and sweaty socks and feet at the same time. I love when you smell me Daddy!

#383 Horny Anal Beads, 24:16s

I am now home and all sweaty and horny from doing errands. I need and want you to worship my Goddess feet and ass. I take off my super scented orange socks and smell my stinky feet! I take off my jean capris and purple thong while laying on my bed. I want to fill my sexy ass with my pink anal beads and cum good. I stuff all the anal beads in my ass and play with my wet pussy with my vibrator. It feels so good, I pull out the string of beads and begin sucking it while smelling my sweaty orange socks. Worship all of my Goddess aroma! 

#342 Worship My Period Cum, 17:09s

I woke up horny after starting my period the night before. I begin to rub my pussy through my cummy stained striped cotton panties. My pussy feels more sensitive because I am on my period. I pull my panty to the side, and take out the period cup inside of me. I want all of my sexy Goddess scents worshiped. My sweaty worn green socks, my cummy dirty panty, and my bloody period soft cup. I play with my pussy and stuff the gusset inside to soak up my cummy period juices for my toilet servant to worship.

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