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I love having my curves, and all that comes from my body enjoyed, worshiped, and cum hard to. Since you are so far away from my sexy ass you need to keep listening to my soft voice, and captured by my hot body in my hot fetish videos and photographs. I do hold webcam toilet training appointments until you are able to serve in my presence. Email me if you desire to buy content, custom video, or request.

I know you love listening to my soft soothing voice telling you what to do you, dirty toilet! Be prepared with either your own nasty shit or my sexy dirty panties, stinky socks, toe nail clippings, boogers, spit, shit. In the video, I refer to a tube. I'm talking about a toilet paper roll or something of that nature to put the shit in to suck it out, clothespins. As you are a slut for me, you will get to watch my sexy big breasts and hard as nipples as I smile and laugh at you. Come on and have some dirty fun with Goddess you nasty toilet!

Come here, my toilet slave, I have been holding back the urge to poop for over 30 minutes now. I slide my sexy Playboy thong to the side and push out a huge creamy poop for you, my toilet slave, to worship. You need all the hot shit that comes for my body. I know you love my sexy ass and all of my sexy shit!

I know how much you need my hot ass, I need to fill up this jar to save some of my hot chocolate for you to worship. You need my powerful shit. I put the jar underneath my sexy ass to save my hot creamy shit for you. Then I slide a long creamy huge poo out and reach and grab my chocolate shit snake for my shit admirer

I know you have been waiting a long time craving to watch me poo. I've been holding back for a few days thinking of you waiting to give you a nice big load. I pull down my jeans, pink fullback panties, and poop out a big creamy poop. I know much you want to smell my sexy chocolate from my hot asshole.

Come here my toilet fuck toy. You need to worship my sexy pussy, ass, pretty face, and all the hot shit that I create.  I know you need it, I'm going to make it harder on you, now you need to worship my shitty breasts, pussy, and ass that you love staring at.

I want you to worship my curvier body. I know you have been craving my shit since my ass is bigger. Enjoy worshiping while you tie up your cock and balls to please me while you watch my sexy ass poop.

I know how much you need all of my sexy shit, so I am going to allow you to watch me while I go to the bathroom all week long. I stay nice and horny thinking of my toilet when I get the urge to poop. I push out some really big, heavy thick and also creamy poops. Some of the sizes of my shit simply amazes me, and pleases me seeing how big my poops are. I know you need all of my hot shit, so I scoop up all my poops, and save for you in plastic baggies. I want you to smell, taste, get filthy, and of course cum hard for my yummy week worth of shit from my sexy asshole. I hope you enjoy all of my chocolate that I push out for you!

#1020 Poop for Helpless Disabled Toilet #2, 13:09s

I know my wheelchair bound toilet has been craving my sexy shit since I have used you in awhile. I know how badly you need to eat all of my hot shit that comes out of my asshole. It pleases me having you lick my ass before I shit, then filling your mouth as you as helpless and can’t move. I let you watch me shit into a bowl, but I miss the bowl and mess up a towel. I spoon feed you my yummy shit while you stare at my pretty face. Then push the dirty towel in your face having you suck my shit off cleaning up my mess. I let you lick up my asshole since I already know you are already for me to feed you more of my shit.

Hello my toilet, I know you are so hungry for my sexy shit. Follow me while I’m outside for three of my sexy poops. First, I give you my bare ass and push out some creamy turds. Second, I poop in my panty and its so stinky and mushy clumps poo. Third, I pull down my pants and have a looser poop with a creamy turd. You crave all of my sexy shit every way I give it to you. Enjoy all of my hot ass and shit. Lick up my dirty asshole.

#1010 2017 Holiday Poops for my Toilet, 24:06s

I have been saving my sexy shit for my hungry toilet slave. I know you want to have all the shit that comes out of my hot ass this Christmas. You are craving my ass, and you need to stay close to my ass and get all the shit that comes out of my ass for the holidays. I celebrated the holidays with friend’s and wanted to empty out my ass before going to my friends house for Christmas Eve, so I was sure I could share my Christmas Eve holiday shit with you, my toilet. I had the urge to go Christmas morning after eating breakfast, so I went in my friends bathroom, and got a little poop on their toilet. I went to a big fancy holiday buffet on Christmas Day where I could eat as much as I wanted. All the foods tasted so yummy, and I was thinking of you while I was filling up my plates and my belly full of delicious foods and desserts knowing you would love seeing all the shit that all the food makes. Enjoy watching and following me to receive all the shit that comes out of my ass this holiday! I love feeding my toilets! 

I am ready to give you, my toilet, the gift you have been craving and waiting for. It’s time for presents and all you can think about is my hot poop. I pull down my cute Victoria’s Secret pink panties with the words “Unwrap Me” on my sexy ass. My panties are dirty with pussy and poop stains, and now it’s time for you to receive your gift. Creamy poop comes pouring out of my dirty asshole, and you need to lick up my dirty asshole. I want you to cum to my dirty panties and sexy dirty aroma.

I just woke up and finished my morning walk and now need to poop. While I was walking, I was thinking of you, my toilet slut, wanting to fill your mouth up with my shit. I stop and pull down my panty and pants then push out a couple nice turds. I know how badly you need to taste my yummy shit, so I pick up my turds having a taste for myself. I take a few licks tasting my own poop encouraging you to lick and taste more of my hot shit. You need my sexy shit in your toilet mouth!

#997 Talking to my Toilet Slut, 14:39s

I love teasing my toilet slut with my curvy body, and soft sexy voice. It pleases me so much when you taste and eat my shit. Enjoy listening, my toilet, as I encourage you to eat my yummy shit while you are looking at my pretty face. Swallow my sexy shit! 

#987 Lots of shit for my Toilet Slut, 22:33s

I know you are so hungry for my full Goddess ass. It keeps me happy having you crave all my piss and shit. I allow you to follow me outside and catch all of my goodness in your mouth. You need to be covered in my sexy mess, taste, and eat all that I give you from my sexy body. I enjoy using you when getting the urge to go outside several times since you need lots of my shit so bad! Eat up my sexy shit my toilet slut. 

Good morning my toilet slut, I dreamt of you last night sucking on my dirty asshole and eating my shit. I pull down my black pants, and tell you to open up your mouth. I release a big creamy poop feeling immediate relief. There is so much yummy shit for you. I want you to get right in between my cheeks and do your job cleaning up my asshole. Eat up all of my shit my toilet slut.

I woke up this morning ready to feed you my yummy shit. I know you dream about my sexy asshole at night, and I need to feed you. I push out a big creamy shit, and immediately feel better. I love filling up your toilet mouth with my poop. I love thinking about and watching you eat my shit, it keeps my pussy so wet. I want you to smell my shit, stuffing my shit up your nostrils and then into your mouth will please me. I tease my hungry toilet by licking and sucking on my shit. You need all of my shit!

#945 Toilet Smell Lick My Feet & Ass, 14:50s

I wish you were here with me now rubbing and kissing on my feet and legs. I have hurt myself and need my toilet slut to make me feel better. I want you to smell and lick my bare feet before you put your face in my sexy ass. My pussy is wet thinking of you smelling and tasting my dirty feet and ass. I tease and finger myself cumming good thinking of my nasty toilet slut!

#931 Asshole & Tummy Hurt Poop, 13:16s

My tummy is hurting thinking of feeding you all the shit that comes out of my sexy body. I am constipated and my asshole is sore with painful hemorrhoid, so it really pleases to feed my nasty toilet slave. I push out a few few firm turds wishing they were going right into your mouth. I have been inserting prescription suppositories in my asshole, so my pussy is wet thinking you may get sick from eating my shit containing medicine that gives warnings do not eat. I insert a suppository in my asshole before going to bed, and put my firm shit balls to save outside. I wake up and have the urge to feed you the rest of the shit in my ass. I let you have a little peak at the saved shit turds before pushing thick creamy chunks of shit out of my asshole. I can see some of the white medicine inside of my poop making me smile thinking of your tummy hurting too after eating my saved shit full of ass medicine. Eat all my shit up!

Come here my toilet slut. I know you think about my ass all the time, all the shit that comes out of it. Just waiting to watch me shit and drop my next load. My sexy shit makes you so excited, I love that so much. I tease you first while wearing a cheetah top and white mini skirt giving you a nice view of my hairy pussy and sexy asshole. I grab my powerful vibrator and hold it right on my pussy while I let you lick my ass. My pussy is so wet while I grind getting off good ready to push out my hot shit. While I push out my poop, squirt pours out of my pussy. It feels so good. Get your tongue ready, and stick it in my dirty ass. Lick my shit, my yummy Goddess shit. Open up your mouth and suck my shit out of my asshole. I need your mouth and tongue to clean up my dirty asshole. I want you to cum while you lick me clean tasting all of me!

#930 Poop for Helpless Disabled Toilet, 8:49s

It’s feeding time my disabled toilet. I know you can’t stop thinking about my sexy ass and having me fill up your mouth with my hot shit. I just got the urge, so I hope you are hungry. Don’t worry I know you can’t move, so I will get above you in your wheelchair and shit in your mouth and all over you. I will help of course make sure that you eat all of my shit. Eat up my shit my helpless toilet.

#908 Worship my Feet & Ass Toilet Slut, 11:21s

Imagine that you are kneeling in front of sexy Scat Goddess Amanda. You are eagerly waiting for me to remove my sweaty, stinky feet and put them right in your face and mouth. You need to worship my pretty feet and toes before you are allowed to sniff and lick up my ass. I am so turned on I masturbate using the vibrator teasing my pussy thinking of you cleaning me up like a good toilet.

#905 Hello my Filthy Animal, 12:26s

Hello Filthy Animal! I hear you want to be owned by Scat Goddess Amanda. I love teasing you with my sexy, filthy body making you please, amuse your Goddess. Most of all I love my dirty animals cumming hard to their owner always. Enjoy my sexy outside greeting after I finished playing outside. Worship my sexy, filthy ass! 

#891 Feeding my Toilet Dog my Shit Outside, 8:13s

I’m walking outside in a brown long dress calling my toilet dog, so he can eat. I know my dog is hungry for my delicious shit! I pull up my dress and push out firm poo from my sexy asshole. I love feeding my dog my shit to eat! Enjoy your tasty meal. 

#874 Fantasy Feeding for Craving Toilet Slavery, 14:44s, 19:44s

Hello my hungry toilet. I know you crave to be underneath my sexy ass and need my poop. I want to give you what you need straight from my hot asshole. Enjoy watching as my asshole opens up and pushes out the turds that should be in your mouth. I push out firmer turds for you, you will like this poop even though its not a huge load, because my firm poops taste sweeter since its stayed in my ass longer! You get two versions of this video, one is filmed at a lower level to see underneath the toilet seat better.

Follow me outside my nasty toilet slut, I have something for you. I know you love thinking about my sexy asshole and all the shit that comes out all time. It keeps me nice and horny, so I need to give you what you need and deserve. I tease you in my tight cheetah mini skirt before peeing and pooping in my girlfriend Ashley’s backyard. You need all of my sexy shit that comes out of my hot ass! My nasty toilet slut craves my delicious shit constantly which I love and keeps my pussy so wet! You get to enjoy filming done by my girlfriend Ashley! =) Worship all that comes out of my body!!

#801 Firm Prolapse Poops for Hungry Toilet, 16:53s

I know that you have been craving my sexy ass and all that comes from it my hungry toilet slut. I want you to taste my poop now, your tongue needs to be in my hot ass licking as I push the firm, hard poops. Suck on my dirty prolapsed asshole licking your sexy Goddess clean after going to the bathroom. Also clean me up after hubby fucked me, and I push out his cum, and a poop ball. Enjoy two bathroom visits, so you catch watch and worship more of my sexy body.

#754 Firm Poops Out Of My Ass, 4:36s

I need you right at my ass while I wear only a red top. I’ve been waiting for you. because you need your tongue in my asshole feeling and tasting my poop! I push out firm poops for you to worship and cum hard to!

#751 Massive Poop for my Toilet, 10:45s

I could barely hold my sexy poop for you before pulling up my long dress and pulling down my dirty black thongs. My ass and thongs are already dirty with my poop. I am thinking of you wishing I was pooping on you. I reach out my hand and catch my warm massive poop in my hand! Since you aren’t here with me now I am going to give your balls some attention while making you inhale taste and get covered with my sexy huge poop! 

#744 You are my Fuck Face Now, 13:26s

I call you up, my pervert handyman, to see if you can take a look at my shower. I get an answering machine, but you call me  almost immediately back. That made me smile, it pleases me since I enjoyed using you the last time you visited my house. I trick you this time since there is nothing wrong with my shower, I just want to sit on your face and feed you from my ass again. I spread my cheeks and feed my fuck face the applesauce enema I have given myself before he came over. It feels so good squirting out of my ass, and releasing tiny bit of remaining poop in my butt. Press your tongue in my dirty asshole. I love knowing I will continue using my handyman to lick up my dirty, sexy asshole whenever I want. 

#731 Sweaty Sock Punishment Surprise, 18:24s

I just got back from exercising, and I’m so pissed off that I have been wearing my white ankle socks all week long. I have asked you over and over again, but you haven’t washed any clothes! I have been smelling my sweaty foot aroma and now I have the best revenge to make you inhale all of my sweat. I want you to suck clean my sweaty dirty socks with your mouth! I have gotten horny thinking of using you in this manner after working out, I need to release the poop and farts I had been holding back. I squirt and cum good after having you watch me poop and have you lick my dirty ass. This includes with two videos, the shorter file is a closer side view of my pooping. 

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