Diapers &Plastic Pants

It feels amazing filling up a pair of plastic pants. Smooshing making a mess in a diaper until you take them off. Email if you desire to buy content, custom videos, or requests.  scatgoddess@gmail.com

#976 Pink Silky & Plastic Panty Poop, 13:19s

I put on my silky panty thinking how good it would look shitty. My pussy was horny waiting to get the urge to poop in my silky panty. The next day I pooped in clear plastic panty that my friend Samantha Starfish had given me live on cam for one of my scat fans. Enjoy watching me fill up my panties with poop twice.

#710 Diaper Pee & Poop Worship, 9:28s

I enjoyed wearing, peeing, and cumming in my diaper on cam with one of my toilet salves. My diaper is not quite ready for my slave yet, it needs more of my pee and an added surprise with my poop! I go to the bathroom, pull down my cummy pink panty then add my goodness into the open diaper laying on top of the porcelain toilet. I push out firmer turds out of my ass. I am nice and horny thinking watching you press my dirty diaper into your face live on cam very soon! Perfect for my toilet to suck on my dirty diaper! 

#701 Diaper Panty Assignment, 44:45s

I have been wearing my pink cotton panty thinking of my toilet sissy wearing my pink panties after I have gotten them all filthy with my poop and pee. Since I love my toilet sluts filthy with my poop, I thought it would be a great idea to give my toilet sissy a long dirty diaper panty assignment to please my sexy ass. I love cumming thinking of my toilet slut getting filthy with my poopy pink panty, worn diaper, and bikini top to make me smile and keep my pussy wet! 

I woke up this morning and I felt very naughty when getting dressed for church. I put on my very stained white silky fullback panty and then plastic panty. I love wearing my long dress, but still being able to smell my scents. Hearing the crinkling of the plastic panty as I walk around others makes my pussy wet. I couldn’t wait to get back home to play with myself. I can’t help it, I need to get of filthy with my poop! I begin masturbating using my wand vibrator it feels so good. I begin to fill up my panty with pee and poop while I am cumming. The warmth of my pee and poop close to my body feels so good and squishy trapped in my plastic panty. I have so much fun sloshing around in my panty before needing to cum again and again, feeling, toying, and tasting my dirty poopy ass! 


#615 Cummy Gray Silky Fullbacks, 30:09s

I have been wearing my silky, gray, fullback panties thinking of you inhaling my powerful scents. Every time that I go to the bathroom, I get horny looking at my stained panty crotch getting dirtier each time. I have been holding my pee for a long time, it felt so good letting it all out. I go to my bedroom and put on my plastic pants ontop of my gray silky fullback panties, I need to get off good adding more of my sweat and cum to my panties. I tease my pussy with my wand vibrator, and get off good thinking of you smelling my dirty panties!

#585 Dirty Period Public Scat, 23:40s

I’ve been holding back the urge all day to go poop wearing layers of stained period panties, plastic pants, and black jeans. I can still smell my strong menstrual scents through the plastic pants and my jeans! I wish you could smell me right now, and get dirty with me. I leave my house to pick up a few things I need at the grocery store. While I am out shopping, I stop in their restroom and finally let out the poop that was hurting my tummy into my plastic pants. My warm poop feels so good while wearing so many dirty period panties, I decide to button my jeans back up and finish my shopping. I want to feel my poop against my skin and plastic pants while I shop listening to the soft crinkling noise as I walk, and smell my dirty natural scents. I leave the grocery store, but have another stop to make. I need to feel and smell my poop, so I head to the bathroom at the next store. I am smelling so powerful of shit, it gets me so turned on I make a nice big mess on the bathroom floor. I end my hot, filthy playtime with a little public scat clean up scene. I bag up all of my shitty dirty clothes and plastic pants and put it in my purse to take out of the store with me.

#578 Horny Babycakes Reading Poop Journal, 29:19s

Your babycakes is horny and missing having you watching me poop and get filthy for you. I have been wearing my white dirty cotton panties a lot getting my panties all dirty for you! I tease my pussy with my fingers through my panties while reading you a few entries from my journal. I need you back home Daddy. I use my vibrator and cum again and again thinking of Daddy and how much I miss you! 

#575 Foul Panty for My Panty Sucker, 31:18s

I have been enjoying wearing my plastic panty over my dirty, cummy panties thinking of you smelling my very strong aroma trapped in my panties. The plastic panties made my pussy and ass sweat so much more while wearing my silky panties making them dirtier and nastier each time wearing,and cumming in my panty. I pissed through the crotch slowly while teasing you with my filthy foul panties that you will have to suck clean for ME! I love giving my panty pudding boy a tough job to complete, so you may be intoxicated by my dirty scents and tastes! 

#569 Plastic Pants Cummy Sweaty Panty, 19:49s

I woke up thinking of you, and decided I wanted to make my super, cummy, sweaty white panties even filthier for you to clean up. I put on my clear plastic pants over top of my panties and then gray leggings. I want to trap in even more of my sweat and juices for you to suck out. I am so horny smelling my own scents through several layers that I need to cum and make the panty crotch wetter. I tease my pussy with my powerful vibrator and cum over and over again. I show you my wet, stained panty crotch, and tease you reminding you my panties are still going to get even dirtier!! Filthy Panties pictures at the end of video to enjoy =) 

#532 I've Ben a Naughty Girl Again this Year, 29:45s

I’ve been thinking of you ever since you left, I need to play and get dirty, Daddy. I have on my dirty poopy cotton Santa thongs with big plastic pants on top and need to pee badly. I wish you were here with me getting your baby cakes dirty. I use the baby doll you bought me years ago and get her all filthy wishing it were my daddy’s hard cock pressing and rubbing against my hot tight dirty pussy and ass! I made Santa’s bad list again this year, but I love being your dirty lil girl.

#523 Diaper Play with Scat Goddess, 28:30s

Put on a diaper or pull up and have a full bladder if you are ready to play with me, Scat Goddess. Have a towel, dildo of your choice, and two clothespins. Play along and let’s have fun together while I get my diaper all wet and soggy.

#516 Desperate Pee Big Plastic Pants, 36:43s

I am already holding my dripping wet pussy, I stopped my pee flow, and quickly undressed. I am so desperate to pee, and so horny. I haven’t played in my plastic pants in a long time, and want to feel my wetness close to my skin and cum hard! I hold them up, and they are so big now since I have lost my pregnancy weight. I got so thirsty while playing I needed a drink from my plastic pants to get me off more. They are so fun to play in, but I need some cute, smaller plastic pants that fit me better to get me off even harder.

I have been so horny waiting to get filthy with my shit log I pushed out a couple days ago and saved in my freezer. I put the cold frozen shit log to my pussy trying to push inside, but as expected I made the log a little big to fit in my tight pussy since my ass is so full of shit. I want the shit inside of my pussy, so I break the log into pieces and stuff the shit into my pussy. Then I put on my gray spandex pants and then plastic pant on top of them. I’m so excited to make a filthy mess, I push out my shit in my ass while my pussy is full of shit. I rub over my plastic pants as it fills up with my shit and piss. I am so turned trapped in my own piss and shit. I play with my filthy pussy and ass with my toys. Smearing my shit on my breasts feels so good as I get filthy! I cum so hard with shit all over my sexy Goddess body and in my pussy! Worship all of MY Sexy Filth!  


#226 BBW Filthy Plastic Pants, 16:35s

I had played a couple different ways (wearing a silky panty and a pull up diaper underneath the clear plastic pants) since getting my plastic pants as a gift from one of my toilet fans, but I had not shit in them wearing nothing else on my body. I held my shit waiting to get dirty which made my pussy throb excited about getting my pussy super shitty. I just knew I was going to get completely filthy wearing nothing underneath my plastic pants. I was very horny when I began shitting and filling up my clear plastic pants. I love feeling my warm shit running down, omg it is such a turn on! I rubbed the shit all over my pussy and ass, I wanted my pussy to be filthy already before I masturbated. Worship my sexy body and enjoy seeing my pussy all filthy with my Goddess shit! I love when I get gifts to make a mess in!! 

#225 BBW Loaded Plastic Floral Panty, 4:32s

I am only wearing a sexy silky floral bikini panty with plastic pants over top. I want to fill up my sexy silky panty with my poop while still covered in plastic pants. I was covered with plastic pants when I got filthy last time I played in my diaper pull up. Today, I want to feel the smoothness of the silk, plastic, and my poop! I have been holding my poop until this time, I push and fill up my silky bikini panty. Once I have emptied out my big sexy ass, I take off the plastic pants, and fully loaded panty. I show you an up close view of my precious load to worship. I love filling up my panties for my toilet slaves to stroke and get filthy with. 

#222 Dirty Nappy Play, 27:54s

I am so horny, I need to get dirty and play today! I have put on only a nappy pull-up and clear plastic panty, and I need to go to the bathroom so bad!! I pee and poop in my pull up nappy. I love the feel of my warm mess trapped all over me in the nappy. I move and squish my poop all around while I am sitting on the floor. I take of my nappy revealing my already messy,shitty pussy. It feels so good getting dirty again after being pregnant. I have been craving to get dirty, so masturbate with my own shit. My pussy is so wet, and I start stuffing my pussy with shit. My pussy starts contracting cumming hard as I fuck my shitty pussy! I put back on my filthy nappy, and finger myself some more….Worship all of my sexy filth!! 

#218 Lactating Diaper Plastic Panty, 20:23s

I am feeling naughty, so I put on a pull up diaper and plastic panty for my toilet sluts to enjoy. I get horny thinking about filling and making a mess in the diaper later on that I begin squirting my breast milk making my pussy nice and wet. I grab one of my dildos and stuff it inside my pussy while still diapered up! I have lots of fun getting myself off thinking about getting filthy later in my diaper! 

#85 Filling My Diaper, 6:58s

I need to go poop, but I put on diaper to fill it up. I wrap up my perfect ass in the soft crinkly diaper is so beautiful when I fills it up full of the beautiful shit. This video is a treat to all diaper lover’s out there. 

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