I was constipated a lot during my pregnancy years ago. Enjoy watching my body grow bigger, and all the changes that happen to by body even my poop! I stopped all dirty play, but I still very horny, and craved all of my body to be worshiped. Email if you desire to buy content, custom video, or request.

#206 Prego Horny in Pissy Panty, 6:55s

I am so big and pregnant, and sometimes it is hard to make it to the bathroom in time to pee. I am wearing only my white cotton panty and I pissed in them by accident, but it made me so horny. I need to get off while wearing my wet pissy panties. I grab and rub my big swollen breasts as I tease my pussy.

#205 Prego Finger Digging Shit Out, 12:33s

I am 38 weeks pregnant, and my belly is nice and big! I’m still having a hard time taking a shit. I can’t wait until I am able to poop normally again, but it is a nice way I have found to feed my toilet slaves picking out my turds one at a time. I lay down on my side letting you enjoy looking at how big my belly and body has gotten ready to dig out the chocolate turds in my ass. I moan and grunt as I fingering my dirty ass getting all the shit out of my big sexy ass. I collect all that will come out, but I feel there is more in my ass. I sit on the toilet so push better. I allow you to watch as my pregnant belly and breasts move while I continue to dig sitting on toilet. I find more of my hidden chocolate that stored in my huge ass. I empty my ass one turd at a time. When I can’t feel any more poop. I show and let you worship all that came out of my ass in a nice handful. 

#204 My Brother Needs My Pregnant Shit, 9:47s

I am nine months pregnant, and I want my dirty brother to worship my sexy big belly, swollen breasts, and my especially my pregnancy shit! I always love teasing you, my dirty bro with my hot body. I go to the bathroom and remove the pink anal plug that I have been wearing in my ass for a few hours. I know that you have been spying on me, so now my naughty brother will have to watch as I remove all the shit from my big ass. As I am trying to get all of my poop out, I make a mess pissing everywhere! I collect all of my powerful pregnant poop balls, then I show the handful of turds that I collected from my big ass. Since you like watching me go to the bathroom, and spying on your pregnant sister, I want you to eat all of my prego hot turds from my ass.

#157 Prego Fart & Shit Digging, 8:53s

I am seven months pregnant, and I need to go to the bathroom. I can feel that my ass is packed full of shit. I I rub my sexy, big pregnant belly then I pull down my silky cheetah panties. I spread my ass and begin farting. I pee, and feel that I will need some help emptying out my ass. I stick my fingers in my ass, and pull out my turds one by one until I have a huge pile of my poop in my hands. I feel so much better now that I dug out all the shit out of my ass. I know you wish you were helping me dig out the sexy shit in my asshole. 

#156 Seven Months Prego Poops, 9:49s

I need my sexy pregnant body, ass, and of course my poop worshiped! I am 7 months along, and my belly is getting so full and round. My breasts and butt have also gotten bigger as I continue on in pregnancy. I come into my bathroom nude allowing you to follow me. First, I rub my pregnant belly, and breasts, so you can see how my body is changing. Next, I turn around and spread my big ass cheeks. I want you to kiss and worship my asshole before I reach my fingers inside to find all of my pregnant poop! I have never had such a hard time pooping. Being pregnant as changed my bowels making me so constipated, but I need to get my poop out. I’ve been so horny for you to shoot loads f cum to my hot shit. I reach my fingers in my asshole and pull out my firm turds. I continue collecting my poop until I can’t feel anymore of my shit. I collect all of my Goddess prego poop balls in hold them in my hands for you to inhale and worship. My pregnant poop balls are perfect to pop right into your mouth!! Yummy Precious Pregnant Goddess Poop! 

#153 Prego Skimpy still Pooping, 6:34s

I am ready for you to worship my six month pregnant Goddess body and all that comes out of my ass. I pull down my black skirt, rubbing and showing off my big prego belly and skimpy red mesh G-string. I remove my panty, so you may worship my now bigger ass. I spread my ass cheeks apart, so you may kiss my pretty asshole. I feel shit in my ass, but it’s hard again and will not come out on it’s own. I want my shit worshiped, so I insert my finger in my ass and begin digging the shit out of my hot round ass. After removing all my poop, I pick up all my little hard shit balls in put hand. I give you a nice view of all of my poop that I want you to worship and cum hard to! 

#151 Digging Shit out of My Pregnant Ass, 7:56s

I am 6 months pregnant and my belly is getting bigger every day! I need to go to the bathroom and I’ve been thinking of you wanting my scat worshiped! I pull down my black shorts, leopard print panties and on my porcelain toilet, so you can see my growing pregnant belly and pussy. I turn to the side, spreading my ass cheeks exposing my asshole. I’m still having a hard time going poop. I stick my finger in my big ass and feel little hard balls inside filling up my ass. I dig around in my ass pulling one little hard poop balls at a time. I come back to the bathroom again to collect more hard shit balls from my pregnant ass. I am only wearing a pair of tight nude fullback panties which I quickly pull down. I want to empty all of the shit from my ass. I finger my ass digging around and changing positions to get all of the poop out! Worship all that comes from my sexy pregnant body! 

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