Sexy Pussy Peeing

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#2038 Watch MY Sexy Pussy Peeing, 8m

I need to go the pee and I want you to watch my sexy pussy closely. Enjoy watching and listening while I pee in the toilet. You get to see a few different bathroom visits when I have my pussy shaved and also peeing with a hairy pussy. I know you would love to have a taste of my hot piss and feel my stream on your body!

 Follow me three times while I'm out for an appointments to the bathroom wearing those gray boots that you like. I am so horny knowing because I have to pee so bad and I know you are following me. It's so hot knowing that you love spying on my always staring my sexy smile, breasts, pussy, ass.    I was  thinking of  you  while waiting  and smelling and you cumming hard to me.  My boots are getting really worn out from wearing them so much that it is time, that you need to put your nose my stinky boots while getting I go to the bathroom.

Follow me to the bathroom and enjoy watching and listening while I pull down my cummy panties while my pussy pisses in the toilet. I know you like looking at my worn dirty panties and my feet while I go to the bathroom.

#1066 Watch Me Pee, Taste & Cum, 6:11s

Enjoy watching while I strip, finish off my bottle of water. Fill some pee into the clear cup, tasting while I tease my clit and cum. 

#1060 Cummy Blue Panty Pee Cum, 26:54s

I've been waiting to go pee so badly, I sit on the toilet and let out a strong stream of pee. Seeing and smelling my cummy blue panties while sitting on the toilet I need to cum.  Enjoy watching me cum while I play with pens to tease myself while playing in my panties. 

#1058 Worship My Piss, 8:29s

Follow me and enjoy watching my pussy while I piss. 

#1034 Lots of My Sexy Piss, 9:02s

Follow me around and watch while I let out my powerful piss stream flow out of my sexy pussy.

#993 Pee Peeing Outside, 26:29s

The weather has been so nice lately. and I have been enjoying peeing outside instead of going on the toilet. Watch my sexy pussy and asshole while I go to the bathroom and pee again and again outdoors. I know you wish you were my neighbor!

#985 Hairy Pussy Pees, 16:41s

I have been growing out my pussy hair for several months. I want you to follow my sexy bush around and watch me pee. It feels so good letting when I can finally let out a strong stream of pee. Enjoy as I pee outside several times as well into toilet. 

#935 Sexy Outdoor Pees, 11:17s

It feels so good just to walk outside in nature and pee on the ground. Peeing outside feels so natural and turns me on being a little naughty where someone could see me peeing outdoors. I love having you watch my pussy close as I release my pee stream it keeps my pussy so wet. Enjoy the piss drips from my hairy pussy! 

#934 Follow me Watch me Pee, 9:32s

I want you to follow me while I go pee several times. My pussy stays horny thinking of you watching my sexy pussy open out and release my pee. I know you wish my pee was all over you and in your mouth! Enjoy all that comes out of my body.

#933 Horny Squirt Toilet Break, 14:26s

I am sitting with my husband watching something that I am paying no attention to. I am horny from smelling my scented dirty panties. I go to my bathroom thinking of you drinking from my sexy pussy. I grab a paper towel and lay it on top of the toilet seat. I use my fingers to tease my pussy and make myself squirt. It feels so good. It makes me smile thinking of you sucking the paper towel drenched with my sexy squirt. The next night I need to cum again while hubby is in the other room. My pussy has been wet thinking of you tasting my pussy juices. I need you to watch me get off and get naughty while my husband watches tv. I use my fingers to tease my sexy pussy and ass, and some of my squirt lands on toilet seat lid. I lick my squirt and the dirty toilet getting off thinking of tasting my yummy juices. I play with my breasts on the toilet while on the bathroom floor being naughty. I love you watching my spur of the moment horny bathroom cum breaks. Cum hard for my sexy filthy ass!

#906 Watch Goddess Pee, 5:51s

Follow me to the bathroom a few times when I need to go pee. Enjoy watching two scenes that show my full body at the toilet, and the other pee scenes are close up. Watch all the pee that comes out of my sexy pussy!

#882 Wetting my Pink Thongs Outside, 13:05s

I can see you in the bushes again, but it’s ok, it’s been turning me on knowing that you have been watching me on my walks. You don’t have to say anything, just stay there and enjoy, I have a surprise for you today. I tease you with my sexy body showing you my pink cotton thong with black trim under my short skirt. I begin wetting my thongs with pee standing in front of you. It feels so good releasing my stream outside, and showing you some of the naughty things I enjoy doing while I am on my walks. 

#874 You Love my Pee, 13:41s

I know you love following me around every chance that you can get staring at my pretty pussy as I pee. Waiting and watching my sexy pussy open up and release my stream. It keeps my pussy so wet thinking of peeing all over your face, cock, all over you… Smiles Cum hard and enjoy my pees you love so much! I know you would love to taste and feel my pee! mmmm Sexy =) 

#815 Thirsty Toilet for my Pee, 8:12s

Follow me to the bathroom while I fill up a container for me thirst toilet slave to drink, masturbate with, and worship all that comes from my sexy body! You need to taste my nectar dripping from my pussy lips and lick my pussy clean! Taste my sexy pee! Enjoy two videos going pee several trips to the potty and one video collecting my pee for one of my sluts to drink. Drink and Jerk off with my Goddess Pee!

#780 Pissy Pussy Pee Drips, 31:30s

Come and follow me over and over again while I go to the bathroom and release my sexy pissy pee drips. I love knowing you watch my lips, pussy, and pee hole open up while I release my precious nectar. I want you to dream of my hot pissy pussy peeing and dripping all over you!

#779 After my Last Session with Black D, 16:56s

I had so much fun getting filthy with my scat slut Black D, but I was told by my hubby and girlfriend, Ashley, that I still needed another bath because my scent was strong, and they could still smell poop on my skin. I go to the bathroom and release more pee from my pretty pussy and push out the last few pieces from my asshole. I take a bath and talk to you already thinking about getting filthy again with my scat lover Black D. 

#752 Horny in Funky Birkenstock Sandals, 27:54s

Follow me while I go to the bathroom and pee at two different stores on different days while wearing my funky worn out Birkenstock sandals. At the first store I fuck my pussy and ass with a dildo in the bathroom stall while smelling my foot aroma and feeling my dirty sandals. I walk around barefoot a lot, so the soles of my feet get pretty dirty sometimes. I don’t care to clean my feet, so the foot junk builds up, but it keeps my pussy wet. Cum hard to my funky Birkenstock sandals and my sexy feet!

#742 My Sexy Pussy Peeing October 2016, 34:18s

Follow me to the bathroom to pee during many visits. I also let you follow me to pee at my mum’s house while I’m visiting. I know you love watching all of my pee fall pour from my sexy pussy! I like you keeping close so my pussy stays wet especially while going to the bathroom. Enjoy watching my pretty pussy peeing during the month October 2016. 

#714 Gassy Pee Cumming in Pink Panty, 16:12s

I need to go pee so bad and I’m so horny smelling my cummy stained panty I have been wearing over and over again. I take off my dirty panty and smell my sexy dirty scents as I release a gassy pee into the porcelain toilet. I smell so good! I use my panty to wipe up my ass, so you can smell of my of hot body! I have been smelling my sexy pussy, and I need to cum over and over again using my favorite wand vibrator. I love adding even more of my pussy cum, juices, sweat, and discharge when masturbating wearing my panties thinking of my scents being inhaled deeply! 

#711 Going Potty & Shaving Off Pussy Hair, 11:51s

I have been growing out my pussy hair for a few months now. I want you to enjoy watching while I go pee a few times before I shave off all of my long sexy pussy hair. I want you to cum to my pussy hair that I have been growing out. I use my hubby’s trimmers to cut off my hair while squatting above the toilet. Cum hard to my sexy pussy and pubic hair since it will be some time until I grow out my pussy hair again. Worship my all that comes from my sexy body! 

#695 Trying Out Wireless Bullet then Pee, 4:26s

I am editing videos on my computer wearing only my cummy pink and peach panty. I want to tease my pussy and try out my new wireless bullet that one of my toilet sluts surprised me in the mail with. I come to to the bathroom, pull down my panties and insert the wireless vibrating toy in my pussy. I continue to work on my laptop until my hubby tells me dinner is served. I pull out my wireless bullet, smell it and wipe my juices in my panties and let out the pee that I was holding back while working on videos. I will definetly be wearing my wireless bullet in my panties a lot more because it feels so good and helps make my panties even wetter with my pussy cum!

#694 Saving My Pee for You to Cum, 35:18s

I love having you follow and watch my pussy while I pee. My pussy gets so cummy when I wait and hold my bladder until I really need to go pee. I love thinking about you stroking your cock and edging while watching me go pee over and over again wishing you could smell my pee, taste my pee, and have my piss all over you! Cum to my sexy pee from my hot hairy pierced pussy! 

#658 More of My Delicious Pee, 20:54s

Come and follow me while I take many bathroom breaks and go pee. Stare at my pretty pussy, hood clit piercing, and cummy panties when I sit on the toilet and let out more of my delicious pee. Listen to my sexy natural sounds while I pee! 

#653 Pee Creamy Pussy, 16:52s

I am wearing my striped cotton bikini panty and have been holding back the urge to pee for a long time now. My pussy is throbbing since I have been smelling my cummy dirty scents through my clothing all day long. I finally go pee, but I need to cum! I lay down on my bed and fuck myself with my purple vibrator..mmmmm It feels so good being filled, it makes my pussy creams and cums so hard!

#650 Sweaty Pissy So Horny, 21:26s

I have been running around wearing my dirty pink socks and sneakers smelling my sweaty feet all day. I get home and go to the bathroom, and first remove my black and pink Adidas sneakers. I love the way my feet smell when they get all stinky! I get undressed down to my black bra and peach panty smelling only my sweaty socks. I am so horny, I use the bathroom sink counter to get off with and to begin wetting my cotton panties. It feels so good when I can feel the warmth of my pee on my skin. I wish you could smell my dirty scents right now! 

#639 Gassy Pee Pee, 9:54s

Follow me to the bathroom and watch while I pee during several visits to the toilet. I let out gas during many releases. Enjoy listening and watching while I go pee pee in the toilet.  

#631 Sweaty Pantyhose Pee, 8:15s

I have been holding back the urge to pee for a couple hours while wearing my sweaty off black pantyhose with super worn gray leggings over top. I want you to smell my sweaty scents while I pee. I have been wearing my pantyhose for a couple months and my gray leggings for a few years. I know my sweaty scents have soaked on the legs of my pantyhose too since I have not washed my gray leggings in over 4 months!

#615 Cummy Gray Silky Fullbacks, 30:09s

I have been wearing my silky, gray, fullback panties thinking of you inhaling my powerful scents. Every time that I go to the bathroom, I get horny looking at my stained panty crotch getting dirtier each time. I have been holding my pee for a long time, it felt so good letting it all out. I go to my bedroom and put on my plastic pants ontop of my gray silky fullback panties, I need to get off good adding more of my sweat and cum to my panties. I tease my pussy with my wand vibrator, and get off good thinking of you smelling my dirty panties!


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