My Precious Poop

I love sharing my private bathroom moments! It keeps my pussy wet having you addicted to my hot ass and all the shit that comes out of my curvy body! 

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#2068 I Heard You Were Hungry, 4:06s

I heard you were hungry for my shit. I know you are always watching and waiting for my sexy ass. i walk outside to the spot you are always at with a plate to feed you my dinner. You are going to eat my shit. i pull down my jeans and silky panty and push out a thick creamy poo for you to eat all up! 

Come and follow me several times, I know you need to see my hot poops! I know how much you enjoy watching me go to the bathroom. I love having you watch all my most private bathroom moments, and everything that comes out my curvy body! See my sexy shits and listen closely to my hot asshole and pussy while I am using the toilet.

My dirty toilet is hungry. I know you wish you could be underneath me instead of this dirty porcelain toilet catching all my hot shit and piss that you love coming out of my body! Follow me and watching my hairy pierced pussy and asshole during several bathroom moments. I love feeding my toilets my hot shit!

I want you to cum hard to my firm shits. I love having you watch as I need to go to the bathroom, but have a harder time pushing out my firm shit making me moan more when the turds pop or dug out of my asshole. My firm shits taste the sweetest, enjoy all that comes from my curvy body!

I want you to enjoy some of my rare poops, my loose shits. I am usually so desperate to get to the toilet my loose poop explodes out of my asshole making nice noises and sight for you to have more of my hot shits. I love when you get off to all that comes out of my curvy body, even my diarrhea! (Very first clip in this loose shitting compilation has no sound for some reason it didn't save properly, but I knew you will still want to see my sexy ass and loose poops!)

My dirty toilet is hungry. I know you wish you could be underneath me instead of this dirty porcelain toilet catching all my hot shit and piss that you love coming out of my body! Follow me and watching my hairy pierced pussy and asshole during several bathroom moments. I love feeding my toilets my hot shit!

I have been having a hard time going to the bathroom. I can feel the shit inside of my big butt that needs to come out. Follow me for several bathroom visits pushing out hard firm constipated turds.

Enjoy listening and watching to while you follow me when my tummy hurts. I desperately make it to the toilet several times for some noisy, messy, nasty loose diarrhea shits. These are my rarest and least favorite type of loads to release, but I always think of my fans and toilet slave especially when my tummy is messed up!

I hope you enjoy my diary of the hot creamy and thick shits that I stored and pushed out of my big ass, Watch and listen as my asshole opens up and delivers my loads into the toilet. I love knowing you love watching me go to the bathroom!!

I am out shopping and I am about to check out. I feel a strong urge, I ask the cashier if they have a restroom I could use, she said I could leave everything on the belt if I needed to but I told her I could hold it and set my bags aside while I used the restroom. I waited payed and quickly walked to the back of the store to let you watch me release a big poop. I pull down my pants and squat above the toilet letting you watch the desperate poop drop out of my sexy ass. I'm glad I stopped and waited to let you watch me go to the potty, I always feel so much better knowing you are able to see my poops.

I am working editing and uploading my sexy videos at my laptop when I get the sudden urge badly to poop. I haven't gone to the bathroom in three days, and I can feel it starting to push. I am wearing a super worn out thongs that used to belong to one of my girlfriends. Her hubby gave them to me after having sex since she just leaves her dirty underwear laying on the floor. He knew I would like to do something naughty or sell them. I have held on to them for a couple years, now I'm ready for you to watch me poop while wearing only her stolen thongs. Stare at my bigger ass and curves while I get ready to release. My load just slid out of my asshole giving me such a relief. It was a very stinky and big shit. I hope you enjoy!

I am showering at my mum's house letting you spy on me while I take a shower. I know you like seeing my bigger body with a lot more curves. I soap up, wash my hair, but before I finish a big creamy load of shit comes out of my ass. I finish cleaning up and get out of the shower showing you  a closer look at my poop.

Follow me while I have upset tummy giving me loose and runny poop. Diarrhea pouring out of my sexy asshole for you to enjoy. These are my least favorite type of poops when I'm not feeling good, but it pleases me knowing some of my toilets really enjoy my rare loose poop explosions. 

#2024 Creamy Poops Creamy Pussy, 16:58s

I've been holding back the urge to go poop until I really feel the urge to release. It keeps me horny having all of my private bathroom moments share with those who love all of me. I push out my turds during a few bathroom visits making my pussy wet and creamy cumming good just from pooping and knowing you will be watching my dirty asshole! 

I am laying on the bed in a tight pink tank top and very worn cummy black and white striped silky panty. I have been thinking of you smelling my pussy. I tease my pierced pussy with bullet toy. It feels so good, I need to feel a cock inside of me. I fuck myself thinking of you inhaling my scents. I cum good while playing in my panty, and let out a little surprise out of my asshole for you too. Smell all that comes from my sexy body. 

#2017 More Creamy Shit from My Ass, 10:17s

I love having you watch as I go to the bathroom. It keeps me nice and horny knowing you are enjoying my private moments. Watch and listen while I pee and poo over and over creamy turds from my curvy body.

#2016 I Need to Go Poop, 7:27s

I have to go poop so badly, I pull up my nightgown and push out a big creamy poo. Enjoy following me some more while I push out turds from my asshole into the porcelain toilet. 

#2014 Pooping & Wiping with Yellow Panty, 13:55s

I have been thinking of you every time that I go to the bathroom. Watch while I relieve myself and use my yellow cotton boyshorts to wipe clean my poopy asshole. I want you to smell all of my powerful shit aroma on my panty, so I'm making you a dirty gift since you love my ass so much. I want you to inhale my sexy shit scented panties!

After a long night of filthy play I have a huge appetite. I go to the hotel breakfast buffet and fix myself a huge plate to eat. I bring it back to the room, so you could watch me fill up my belly with all the yummy foods that I wanted.

Once I am done eating my tummy is so full, and it feels like I have to go to the bathroom which makes me horny after having you watch me eat so much food!

I've had a strong urge for the last thirty minutes to poop. I felt in my ass and it feels a little firm, but I was not expecting this huge load that came out of my sexy ass. Watch my sweet ass while I slide my playboy thongs to the side and push out all of my hot poop for you to enjoy!  (Toilet Slave Refrences while pooping)

I sit down with a pizza box on my couch, I am so hungry! I eat almost a whole medium cheese pizza, only leaving a couple slices left! Now, I really need to shit! I get naked and poop right into the empty pizza box. I am so amazed at the size of the poo that came out of my body! It is so firm and massive with little bits of corn from my dinner the night before. I feel so much better now. When I was eating my tummy was bubbling giving me the strongest urges to poop, but it was so weird since I was stuffing my face with pizza. Enjoy this huge shit that comes out of my sexy ass after eating a lot of pizza.

I know how much you need my hot ass and shit, I need to fill up this jar to save some of my hot chocolate for you to worship. You need my powerful shit. I put the jar underneath my  sexy ass to save my hot creamy shit for you. Then, I slide a long creamy huge poo out and reach and grab out of the toilet for my chocolate shit snake my sexy shit admirer. My pussy felt so good while pooping!

#1095 Creamy Poo to Loose Explosions, 6:49s

Follow my sexy ass while I go to the bathroom several times. I push out creamy poo turds to loose explosions in the porcelain toilet. I know you love watching my asshole pucker. 

I know you have been waiting a long time craving to watch my sexy body poo. I've finally given into you a chance to worship my shit, so I've been holding back for a few days thinking of you. I want to give you a nice big load. I take off my pink sweater, pull down my jeans and pink panties, and push out a big creamy poop. I know how much you want to smell my sexy chocolate from my asshole, I play with my dirty asshole with a toying making myself cum. I want you to get off while I am getting off filthy. =)

#1089 Cum to all of My Hot Shits, 20:08s

Come with me while take several shits, poops, and I know you will love what comes out of my sexy asshole. 

Enjoy watching me go to the batrhoom in three different ways. First,  squatting in the tub,. Second, sitting on  to top of dirty toilet. Third, pushing creamy turds into sheer floral panty. Enjoy watching all of my hot shits. 

I was talking to my mum  on the phone when I got a super strong urge to go to the bathroom. I told her I had to go to the bathroom, ended my call while running to the toilet. I knew I needed to shit, but I was so surprised when so much creamy poop kept pouring from my sexy asshole. I was not expecting that much shit. Enjoy watching while I have the biggest shit in my entire life! 

I have been constipated only able to push out firm hard turds for over a week. My poops finally go from hard to huge and creamy at the end.

Look and listen closely to my private bathroom moments and sounds put together for you to enjoy all of my shits.

Watch as my shit slides out of my sexy asshole again and again. 

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