#509 Birthday Cake Scat Surprise, 29:48s

Your dirty girl wants to give you a nice surprise on your birthday.  I have been holding my shit for you for three days my ass is full  and my pussy is horny. I'm ready you for you to worship my ass, all of your dirty girl. I love when you think of me, it gets me nice and horny. I want to get filthy for you. I am topless wearing cute yellow panties with a tiger on the butt with some fun striped toeless socks.  I rub my panties teasing my pussy while pulling my nipples getting horny while I let you stare up at my sexy ass. I look up at you with my cute pig tails ready to give you my present, I have a big one for you. I bought you a cake, because I know how much you love sweets, but that is not your surprise. I know how much you love my ass even more. I'm going to add it on top it on top of the cake its going to be even better for you its going to be the best for you. you are going to love all that comes out of my ass and i want you to cum hard for me but first you are going to get you gift. I've been waiting all day to give this to you. Enjoy watching me smash my ass first on the cake before I add my pee and big thick shit. It feels so good smooshing the cake and my shit together thinking of you and your hard cock. I rub the shitty cake mixture on my breasts and thighs, belly, pussy. I insert the big chunks of shit right inside my pussy for you, another birthday surprise. I put another piece of shit in my mouth as I smoosh and smear some more. I chew up tasting my shit getting so filthy and dirty rubbing my clit getting off good. It feels so good being such a sweet and filthy dirty girl for you even playing giving you another cumming surprises I push some shit back inside my asshole while my mouth is still full of poop. I get my feet and toes all dirty while I plop all over smearing and teasing my dirty pussy. Cum super hard for your sexy dirty girl. 

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