I love over powering you with my scents, and size of my curvy body. You need to stay trapped where you belong. Email me if you desire to buy content, custom video, or request.

I have trapped and have been keeping my shrunken ex-husband in between my sexy dirty toes. My new boyfriend does not like the idea of having my ex so close to me, so he proposed a test to prove that he means nothing to me. My new boyfriend says he needs to be sure that I don't have any feelings to my ex. He tells me to step on him on the ground and then shit on him. I do want to show how little my ex means to me, and it feels so good shitting and covering my shrunken ex-husband and making him my tiny victim. I want to show my boyfriend a little bit more, so I search for my ex covered in my shit, and then put on my shoes. I tell my ex husband that he will be spending the rest of his time living  in my shitty shoes.

I have used my special Goddess powers to turn you into my tiny chastity toilet slave. I have you right between my fingers, to do whatever I please. I push you right inside my dirty Goddess ass and make you smell and eat my shit. Worship my farts and all that comes from my body. I can do with you as I please now, and you have absolutely no control since you will are still locked up in Chastity to Goddess! Live to please your sexy Goddess my tiny toilet slut. Worship while I taste and play with my little firm yellow shit in my pussy cumming hard! I want my chastity toilet servant to taste my shit that I sucked on and had inside my pussy! Worship your filthy Goddess my tiny locked up toilet! Now you are in chastity, only allowed to cum to my sexy ass and all that comes out of my sexy body!

I walked in and caught you with my dirty panties and shoes! Since you have been such a little asshole, and continuing to disobey, I decided it was a perfect time to shrink you down to tiny size, and teach you a lesson. Since you wanted to smell my worn sweaty, stinky belongings, now you will get what you asked for and then some! I will not only subject you to my filthiness, but whatever else pleases me! To finish off your first lesson off properly, I shit right on you, then I trap you in my worn sweaty pantyhose! Now, I have full control over you to do whatever I wish!

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