Couples Scat

I love having all that comes from my sexy body enjoyed and worshiped. Email if you desire to buy content, book a filmed toilet session, custom video, or request.

It's been a long time waiting to get filthy again with my scat lover Black D. I did not shower or shave for close to a whole week, so I could share all my natural scents while we were together. We turned the cameras on when we were ready to have some of our dirty fun. I sucked on his big black cock first before bending over and pushing some shit on it to smear and give a nasty blow job with. It has been too long, I rub my shit a long his hard shaft turning his cock a different shade of brown. I begin sucking his dirty cock tasting my shit wanting me to get filthier...enjoy watching while we enjoy having our scatty fun together again.

It's been a little time since I have seen my scat lover servant M, enjoy watching while we make up for lost time. First we have very sensual kisses, and touches before getting very dirty and filthy while still having fun with each others bodies.

Enjoy watching while my toilet slave J cleans and worships my sweaty, dirty feet and ass. I enjoy using slave j as my seat as I eat a delicious steak dinner before shitting in his mouth, feeding him my yummy sexy shit.

Enjoy watching while I get filthy with toilet Dieter again. I sit on top of him and feed him some  loose shit. We share some hot scat kisses before I need my dirty ass licked more.I gag myself and feed him some of my shitty vomit and spit. Toilet Dieter needs to shit too and releases his warm poo all over my chest. He smears his shit all over my face and chest and we continue to get filthier. I suck on his shitty cock and vomit making me hornier sucking more and sharing vomit shitty kisses until he cums hard.

I am nice and horny ready to feed and have more shitty fun with my toilet slut. I undress, and climb on top of my toilet, and he begins licking my sexy pussy and asshole. I cum several times while my toilet tastes my sweet juices, and then fingers my asshole.  Next we use a dildo in his ass, and then in my ass getting it a little dirty before shitting more on my toilet. I enjoy watching my toilet suck on the dirty dildo waiting for more of my sexy shit in his mouth. I sit on my toilets face and release more loose shit from my sexy asshole. I grind my dirty ass on his face before sharing shitty kisses together. My toilet has some creamy shit that pushes out of his ass. I scoop up his poop with my hand, lick his shit, and then share more shitty kisses together. Enjoy watching me feed and have some sexy dirty kisses together again.  There are two versions of this scat video, so you may enjoy watching my hot body cum and get shitty with my toilet slut in different angles.

We are still both filthy after feeding my slut my shit. He surprised me with bringing three cream pies, one strawberry and two chocolate to make more of a mess together with. I have never been pied, but have always wanted to, so it was very fun and sexy letting my toilet slut push a pie in my face. The strawberry cream pie got smashed on my face and both chocolate cream pies on my ass. I sat on top of my slut and had him lick my pussy and ass all sweet cream and added more shit in his mouth while cumming on top of him. Enjoy watching me get messy with three cream pies for the first time!

I am very horny to feed my toilet slut again while his cock is still locked up in a chastity cage for the second day under my sexy ass. He wanted to beat his longest record of being locked away, which he beat yesterday, so I thought it would be hot to keep his cocked locked up for the rest of his time with my filthy ass. I need my pussy and ass licked good before shitting on his face. I cum a lot before sitting on his face, and continue to cum while pushing out all of my shit. It’s so hot feeding my toilet slut my hot shit! Enjoy watching while I get off and feed my toilet slut my yummy shit.

My toilet sissy has been patiently waiting wearing a maid costume and locked cock cage to be fed my yummy shit. I haven’t showered and several days, so I have him first lick my asshole. It feels so good, I cum a few times before feeding my maid my hot shit. Watch as my toilet sissy maid licks and enjoy eating my from my sexy ass for the first time. I loved having his cock locked up while he served my sexy body.

I have been holding back the urge to poop for over a day, and on the way before stopping to shit on my black teddy’s face. I needed to pick up some plastic sheeting, so we could make a huge mess on the bed. Before I got into my car and started driving I had the urge to shit, and I began smelling my shit aroma for 20 minutes when I got out of my car to go into the store. It turned me on thinking of other people smelling my sexy chocolate aroma, as I shopped to get materials to have some hot scat fun early in the morning with my new scat fan. We set up quickly and begin with a nice shitty ass having him lick and get me off some before I poop a big creamy pile of poop on my new scat sluts face. I gave him a nice scat kiss getting horny sharing my shit for the first time together. I smear my hot shit on my breasts and body. I get his cock all filthy with my shit before putting it in my mouth. Enjoy watching as I cum so much getting dirty with my poop, and my new fan Black Dirty Teddy get nice and nasty with my poop for the first time. My hot shit felt so good when I shit on his face and especially when he massaged into my skin making me cum again and again.

My pussy is wet wearing only a long red dress ready to feed black slave m sexy shit straight from my ass. I want my sweaty scents inhaled and licked before filling my slaves mouth with my poo. I remove my dress, so I can sit on top of my slave having my unwashed pussy and ass licked. It feels good having my toilet use his tongue to clean me up waiting for my hot load. I love seeing my slaves mouth full of my sexy shit, and I help feed the toilet slave my fresh poop. Enjoy watching me get off good using my black slave m as my toilet!

My toilet slave w is naked bent over with his ass waiting to be used by his sexy, filthy Goddess. I put some thick surgical lube on my fingers and begin to work on the slut’s ass. My fingers slid right into his warm dirty asshole. I started adding more fingers until I had my entire fist in his ass. I smear his poop on his ass, and fist his ass more. My pussy is so wet, I cum while my fist is in my toilet slave’s ass. Once I am finished with his asshole, I make him have a taste of his shit from my dirty fingers.

It’s been a few days since I have gone to the bathroom, and I have my toilet slave w laying naked in front of me. I have been so horny while wearing my red panties with black mess butt. All I have been thinking about is filling up my sexy panties with my poop while on top of my slave. I climb on top of my slut face sitting him making him smell my natural pussy and ass scents through my panties. I begin pushing my warm shit into my panty and sit on toilet using him as I relieve myself. It feels so amazing, I cum good while using him messing my panties. I pull down my panties and allow toilet slut to lick and eat from my poopy panty, and clean up my dirty asshole. I look forward to training toilet slave w to consume more of my sexy shit! There are two versions of this video.

I am so horny waiting to poop and pee all over my toilet slut. I climb on the bed naked and he starts sucking on my breasts first tasting my sweet milk. I climb up on top of my toilet slut, so he can lick my pussy and ass before I begin unloading my precious chocolate into his mouth. His tongue feels so good in my dirty ass, I begin pushing my shit into his mouth. I stop and enjoy seeing his mouth full of and his cock covered with my hot shit. I give my toilet slut shitty kisses sharing tastes of my own shit. My poop feels, smells,  and tastes, so good!! I hope you enjoy watching while I have my sexy filthy time with my hungry toilet slut.

After feeding and making sissy Monika cum hard with my sexy scat, Goddess needed to finish cumming. I brought several saved bags of saved shit with me. We open up the bags and smear on each others bodies getting more covered with my shit. I tease my shit covered pussy with my fingers while I play and cum hard…getting off squirting filthy with my sissy Monika by my side mmmmmm

Sissy Monika has come to visit my sexy ass to get shit on for her birthday present. Dressed in a pink dress with frills sissy Monika is laying underneath my full ass. I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a couple days, so I am very full of shit. I poop in Monika’s mouth a couple different times and make a nice mess all over her pretty dress. It pleases me to see my sissy scat slut’s mouth full of my sexy shit! We share some shitty kisses while getting filthy, and I cum and squirt while riding on sissy Monika’s face. I hope you enjoy watching me make my scat sissy Monika cum hard!

I am layered wearing pearl thongs, assless panties and plastic pants underneath my short skirt ready to tease my scat fan and strip out of the sexy things he has bought for me to wear. I get on the bed and remove my panties and I’m ready to get filthy with him. The masked fan plays with my pussy and ass making me cum before he squats over and poops on me. I smear his creamy poo all over my breasts and on my body getting nice and dirty, before pushing out my poop on his body getting us filthier. Enjoy watching as we both shit, smear, and get off hard getting filthy!

My awaiting toilet slave has been craving my sexy asshole to shit in his mouth for several years now. It pleases me that he worshiped my sexy body while I was pregnant, and still now years later hungry for my feet and asshole. I let my toilet slave first lick, suck, and massage my dirty bare feet with his mouth. My pussy is getting so wet, smelling my dirty ass before feeding my new toilet. I remove my panties, sit down on the toilet chair, and a piece of shit drops directly in my toilets mouth. I push out more of my sexy shit, so he can suck on and eat my shit. I use my fingers help him suck on and taste my shit, I enjoy seeing his toilet mouth full of my hot shit! After I finish releasing all of my shit on my toilet slave, I have him worship my shit covered feet. It feels so good rubbing my dirty feet all over his face and in his mouth. I look forward to training my new toilet slave to be able to consume more of my powerful shit the next time he is in my presence! This contains three versions, one full session video, and the second is the front view of beginning of feeding, and third is the side view underneath the toilet chair.

I kinda misunderstood the first email I got from my awaiting ass slut. He told me he wanted to eat chocolate from my hot butt, and he had some of my favorite candy bars waiting to eat after being inside of my ass (Crunchie). I was very excited because I had never eaten my favorite candy from my ass before. As we began talking more, I emailed him a picture of myself totally covered with poop….the response was OMG is that you. I realized then, that I had made a mistake, in what type of ass chocolate he was craving! A few hours later, I was happy to get a response that he was very excited seeing me filthy like that, and we began discussing more toilet training from the very beginning. It was very sexy knowing I didn’t scare him off, and he now wants to be trained to lick my dirty ass and get a mouthful of my powerful chocolate from my sexy asshole. Enjoy watching my new ass slut be trained to worship and eat from my ass. I unwrap a Crunchie bar and stick it inside of my bum, teasing my slut underneath waiting to eat the chocolate pushed out of my hot ass. He ate ate off the candy bar, and since, I love candy so much, I ate the other half. It had been so long since I ate a Crunchie bar, I think it tastes better straight out of my ass…mmm This is a fantasy toilet slavery video with no poop shown. I can’t wait to train my new ass slut more until he is ready to have a fresh load of my poop on him. This comes with two videos, one view of front facing camera, and the other side view.

I am completely covered in my shit on the bed with my toilet slut Dieter. I want to feed him vanilla pudding straight from my dirty asshole. I get my toilet slut’s help to fill up my sexy ass with my anal launcher. Then I push out the pudding from my ass, and Dieter licks up the dirty pudding. The pudding helps push out the last of my poop as well. I had to have a little taste of the pudding with my shit covered fingers while toilet Dieter eats the pudding from my hot ass. This was made directly after he had just finished cumming in the video “Feeding & Getting Filthy with Toilet Dieter.” You get two views one closer by the bed, and the other on the dresser so you get the whole view of the bed. Enjoy!

My toilet slut Dieter from Austria is craving my sexy ass and all that comes from it. I tease him just for a moment in my short skirt and stinky socks, and undress quickly because I’m craving to feed my new toilet my shit directly from my sexy asshole. My hungry toilet slut eats a couple pieces of my poop straight from my ass before I could smear his face with my hot shit. I am so turned on seeing his mouthful of my shit, and watching him eat in front of me. I share shitty kisses while playing, tasting and chewing up some of my own poop before feeding my toilet Dieter from my sexy, dirty mouth. I have him lick my dirty asshole more searching for more of my poop. After unloading the poop from my ass, I want to use some saved loads to play with and get us both filthier. I am so turned on getting so smeared and dirty with my fresh and saved poop with my toilet slut Dieter. I begin sucking his hard cock covered with my shit it makes me gag. When I deep throat his dirty dick it hits just right, and makes me vomit a little. It felt so hot and tasted so dirty, he puts his fingers in my throat and helps me get a little more vomit up, so I can feed him and we can kiss….it makes my new toilet slut cum so hard. He told me that it was the best scat that he had ever had! That made me feel very good because it was so hot and I came so much! I can’t wait to get filthy again with my Dirty Dieter and to have even filthier times in the future! This comes with three videos with two separate views to enjoy all of my sexy filthy fun I had during my session with a new toilet slut. You will get a closer view by the bed of our session, plus the view of the whole bed on the dresser. You will also get to enjoy watching me save big creamy period poops that I use to get filthy with during session.

#835 Refree Black D Gets Scat Surprise, 35:33s

After an amazing filthy scat wrestling match with Samantha Starfish, I am super horny and want to give my Black D a sexy scat surprise. Samantha and I are both naked smeared covered with my sexy poop sitting in the messy wrestling ring with our referee. I immediately want to suck his hard black cock ….mmm it’s so good when its down my throat and I am all covered with my poop! Samantha teases with her ass, feet and hands while I give Black D shitty kisses and shitty blow job. It was so hot wrestling with Samantha and now its a nice and filthy finale with our referee giving him my sexy shit to taste, suck on, and makes him cum super hard! You first get to watch all of our after the match action looking from outside the ring, and then you get the view from inside the ring watching us get filthier. There is even bonus footage that the ref filmed while we were wrestling that you get to get a recap at the end of the video. Our referee, Black D, thoroughly enjoyed his scat surprise from myself and Samantha Starfish! 

I am filthy, all covered with poop after the first time playing with Samantha Starfish. It felt really nice when she was peeing on me and we were getting filthy, but like always…..I came good, but still need to get off just a little harder! Samantha jumped in the shower, and I call for my Black D’s help to get filthy with me, and make Goddess cum more before having to get cleaned up and wash all of the poop of my body in the shower. Enjoy watching while I continue to play after all covered in shit. I make Black D smell, lick my dirty ass, and shitty kisses. It feels so good. I even get off when Black D vomits and spits up a little after and we continue to play…I cum so good as Black D slaps my shitty pussy with his big, black, hard cock!

I have brought lots of poop with me to get nice and dirty with my new masked scat slut. He had played with sexy Veronica Moser, so I knew he was ready to get completely filthy with my sexy, filthy Goddess ass! I have a full belly, eight bags of my saved shit, one bag of Ashley’s poop, and my fresh warm poop from my ass. My new scat slut can’t wait to help smear the poop all over my body making me a beautiful brown girl! Once i am covered with all the loads of my saved poop, I smear Ashley’s poop on last. I can really smell a difference in Ashley’s and my poop which makes me horny and I climb on top of my scat slut! I let out a nice bubbly poop all over the filthy toilet slut underneath me! Enjoy watching while I play and get filthy with my new masked scat slut and we make a beautiful filthy mess on the bed! There are two versions of this session to watch our scat play at different angles plus the video of Ashley pooping on a plate giving us her poop, so we could get filthy with it. This is the first video where I smear with another woman’s poop!

I am covered with my shit on the hotel room floor with servant M. We just got finished playing dirty taking a little break. I came so much, but I need to cum some more while I am horny and still smeared sexy brown with loads of my poop! I don’t let servant M rest too long before I am ready to suck on his shitty cock. I love having my mouth filled with his hard cock giving me a taste of my own shit! It feels so good when I using my fingers to tease my pussy while servant M plays with my ass. I can’t believe I have even more poop filled with corn coming out of my sexy ass. I need to feel servant M’s cock in my ass one more time while we are both covered with and smelling my powerful poop! Enjoy watching while servant M and I play in the second part of our session. There are three versions of this video, one edited version, front and side views.

I ate a big dinner with corn and cornbread with corn baked inside the night before my session with servant M. My belly was so full and I am so excited and horny to get filthy with my toilet slut! I was pretty surprised when corn started coming out of my poop because I didn’t expect it to come out in my poop so quickly. It did please me, and turn me on to unload my ass over top of my craving dirty servant M. As soon as, he gave me a taste of my corn filled poop, I became even hornier! It feels so good when I am being fingered, licked, and fucked when I am all dirty with my poop! Enjoy watching while I play with servant M in the first part of our sexy filthy session together! This included two filming versions, so you can watch while we play with my poopy corn at different angles!

I haven’t showered in over a week, and I am smelling very strong of my natural scents. I am so horny when I see my toilet slut, Black D. I have him inhale all of my powerful scents of my ass, pussy, armpits, and feet which makes my pussy wetter before sitting on his face and pooping. I love filling my mouth with his thick cock especially when it’s covered with my poop. Enjoy watching while my toilet lover, Black D and I get filthy with my poop while we play and cum so hard together for a long time!

I have been so horny wearing my sexy sheer panties waiting to feed my toilet slut, servant M, my sexy ass and poop! I love having his fingers in my ass feeling around in my dirty ass. Enjoy watching another sexy filthy session with my servant M. I also play with two big saved loads with me and he helps me get dirty smeared with my sexy shit! I cum so hard while covered, smelling, and tasting my poop with my toilet lover servant M. We share some dirty cherries, chocolates and bananas out of my ass. I love having a naughty filthy time!

I haven’t taken a shower or worn any deodorant in two days thinking of my servant D coming to serve under my sexy ass and feet. I have been wearing pantyhose with the same jeans over top, socks, and t-shirt for the last couple days. I want him to smell my natural scents from my hot body. I strip out of my clothing making him smell my armpits, feet. Then I sit my unwashed pussy and ass on my servant’s face. I am so turned on and horny, ready to give him more from my sexy body. I have having my full dirty ass licked. My servant’s is so hard, I tell him to put his fingers inside of my ass while I suck his cock. It feels so good, but I need to get him filthier. I brought two loads of my shit with me to smear all over black D, but first I tie up his hand and feet. I put my feet on his chest and begin to smear shit on my toes and soles, and pushing my filthy feet on his face. Of course, while getting my servant dirty with my poop, I can’t help but get myself covered with poop too because it’s so hot! This is the first filmed session with a black toilet slut. but not the first time I have pooped in a black guy’s mouth. I look forward to the next time I can get even filthier with my Black D.

My long time servant w is finally back serving in my presence, but this time to serve my sexy ass on film. A couple years ago, I prepared a shitty mac n cheese meal before going to a session to feed him. It really pleases me to prepare the same meal he enjoyed again but in my presence, and watching my servant w taste and eat what I give to him. Before cooking, I allow my servant to worship my sexy, dirty feet, While the water is boiling and noodles are cooking my servant worships my sweaty armpits, cummy unwashed pussy, and dirty asshole before being fed the meal I prepare in front of him. I also get the dry, dead skin from the bottoms of my feet to be added on top of the meal after all mixed up. After giving my servant a few spoonfuls myself, I need to get off watching him eat my pee poo mac and cheese meal. The night prior I could not go to sleep without going poop, so I saved my poop. I begin licking my saved thick sausage poop and give it servant w from my mouth to suck while I masturbate. I cum hard while my shit is in my servants mouth pleasing and amusing me. I fix a plate of leftovers for my servant w to take home and consume more of my sexy pee and poopy meal later. I look forward to having him eat more of my sexy poopy foods made from my sexy ass!

I last went to the bathroom on Sunday afternoon, and I have been holding back the urge to poop, so I can poop in my new toilet slaves mouth. It is now Wednesday evening, and my pussy is so wet because I need to shit so bad. I have been waiting to feed toilet p all my delicious goodness right from my sexy asshole. Since it had been so long, since I had been able to get filthy. I brought six loads of my poop that I had saved. I begin smearing my saved shit all over my toilet slave and myself. I need to cum hard! My powerful shit aroma smells so good and feels so good making my toilet filthy to please me. I need to cum some more after feeding my toilet, so I let him watch as I masturbate while eating my shit before climbing on top of him again and using him more. I came so hard feeding my toilet my fresh poop and getting messy with six loads of saved shit.

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