Ass Wiping

I love thinking of toilet's tongue cleaning up my dirty ass. It pleases me so much to have my dirty ass stains especially in my dirty panties  smelled, licked cleaned, worn. masturbated, and cum in. Email if you desire to buy content, ass stained/wiped worn panty, custom video, or request.

#2014 Wiping My Poopy Ass with Yellow Panty, 13:55s

I have been thinking of you every time that I go to the bathroom. Watch while I relieve myself and use my yellow cotton boyshorts to wipe clean my poopy asshole. I want you to smell all of my powerful shit aroma on my panty, so I'm making you a dirty gift since you love my ass so much. I want you to inhale my sexy shit scented panties!

#1094 Cotton Animal Print Dirty Worn Panty, 7:12s

Enjoy staring and following my sexy body while while I wear my cotton panties entirety way too much, 

#1093 Pink Cheetah Pee & Wipe, 5:05

I love when you cum hard to my dirty panties. Watch while I pee in my sexy pink cheetah panty, then wipe my dirty asshole with my pretty worn panties for you to smell and get off hard to my scents.

#977 Filling Cup & Thong Wiping, 7:38s

I just finished eating some Chinese food, and now need to fill up this cup so you can get filthy with my chocolate. I push my white thong to the side and push out a small piece of shit first, then shit pushes out of my ass and knocks over the cup. It made me smile, I still made a little mess. I wanted you to have more of my sexy poop, so I save and fill more up later sitting on the toilet. I wipe up my dirty asshole with my white thong knowing you love inhaling and cleaning my nasty thongs.

#961 Dirty Ass Purple Panty Wipe, 6:24s

I’ve been making you wait so long to smell my dirty stained purple panties. I packed them up when I visited my mum to wear them more thinking of you smelling my strong scents. I thought it would be extra naughty to wipe my dirty ass in my old bathroom for you. I tease my pussy and ass while wearing my dirty panties thinking of you enjoying my worn panties made me cum quick. 

#825 Clean Up My Pretty Pink Panty, 14:28s

I haven’t been feeling to well, but it would make me feel so much better if I could use your tongue as my toilet paper. My ass is dirty after pooping and you need to help me clean it up. Since you are not right under neath my sexy butt as you wish, you will need to clean up my pretty pink lace panty. I wore my cute panty a lot before I started wiping my dirty asshole with them. My pretty pink lace panties need you to suck out my dirty poop stains I left in them just for you to clean up with your toilet mouth! Enjoy watching as I wipe my dirty ass a couple times with pink panty, imagine my panty is your tongue!!

#809 Purple Cotton Dirty Panty, 15:24s

I have been wearing a new tiny bikini panty I got for Christmas. I pull down my pants when sitting on the toilet, and notice my thighs are all pink. It was funny trying to figure out if my skin was stained or my panties were just too tight! haha I did gain a few extra pounds around the holidays! I let you watch as I pee and poop but I want you to clean up my bright purple cotton panty. I have been wearing them over and over again since my mum bought them for me when I went to Maine about a year and half ago. The crotch on my panties are coated with my pussy cum, discharge, sweat, some period and poop stains. My purple panties are so scented now smelling so lovely. I want you to put them on your face while you think of being underneath my sexy body. Inhale my powerful scents and Worship your Scat Goddess Amanda! 

#667 Clean Up My Toilet Paper, 8:41s

My asshole is dirty after several bathroom visits needing you to clean me up with your tongue, but you are not underneath my sexy ass where you should be. Now you have to clean up my toilet paper and enjoy all that comes from my sexy filthy ass. Inhale and taste my Poop that you should have licked up from my ass! Cum to my dirty toilet paper wipes.

#654 Poopy Blue Playboy Bunny Panty, 20:13s

I am wearing my pussy and poopy stained blue Playboy bunny panties feeling so horny to sit right on you and intoxicate you with my dirty natural scents! I begin teasing my pussy sitting on the toilet since I want to be right on top of you now. I need to be filled, so I fuck my wet pussy with purple dildo before shoving it into my ass. The dildo feels especially good inside of my ass, and I get even more turned on when I pull out my toy and see that it’s covered with my poop. I use my Playboy bunny panties to wipe up my poopy butt, so you can inhale all of my powerful scents! 

#651 Yellow Tiger Wipes My Dirty Ass, 22:21s

After going to the bathroom, I have been enjoying wiping my dirty butt with my yellow cotton tiger panties. It has been keeping me horny seeing my panties collect of my ass stains for my Dirty Daddy. Every time I wipe my butt after using the potty, my scent in the cute tiger panties get stronger and stronger. I also kept thinking about the last time I wore these yellow cotton panties and got so filthy with cake and my poop.

#632 Inhale My Cummy Dirty Ass Wiped Panty, 25:11s

Enjoy watching while I wipe my dirty asshole with my gray cotton panty. I love going to the bathroom and having you clean up my unwiped butt. It turns me on so much watching my clean panties get more stained with every wipe knowing my dirty ass slut will be inhaling them worshiping my sexy dirty ass! 

#554 Stolen Girlfriend's Thongs to Wipe & Cum With, 13:40s

Several months ago, I stole a pair of my blonde girlfriend’s worn out thongs that she had left on the bedroom floor after I had finished fucking her husband while she was at work. I had been holding on to her worn striped cotton thongs all this time in my panty drawer, but now my ass is all poopy and I am horny! This is a perfect time, to use my girlfriends stolen thongs to wipe my ass with. I am so turned on getting her thongs dirty, I get on the floor and begin masturbating with my girlfriends worn out now shitty thong! I cum so hard putting my girlfriends worn out thongs that I wiped my shit all over back in my pussy and ass!!! Her thongs smell better now that they are covered with my poop! I just wish that I could shove them in her mouth now!

#543 Dirty Wipes with Cute Striped Panty, 29:43s

Since you are not here to help wipe and clean my ass. I wipe my dirty ass after going poop several times with my cute cotton striped panty. I want you to smell all of your dirty girl’s poopy ass that you love so much and keep your cock nice and hard while being close to my dirty wipes panty. I love cleaning up my poopy ass while thinking of you, wishing you were wiping my dirty ass and doing it for me! 

#542 Poopy Ass Wipes for Daddy, 14:53s

I hate when you leave and you can’t smell and lick my dirty ass and panties, Daddy. I’ve been wiping my poopy ass after going to the bathroom several times thinking of you. You always wipe my ass much better for me, but I want you to smell my dirty panties that I’m making for you while you are away, so you can always be close to your dirty little girl. 

#499 Blue Toilet Paper Panty, 13:33s

I need you to inhale and clean up my dirty stained blue fullback panty! I have been wiping my ass after pooping with my fullback panty to collect my filthy ass stains since you were not able to be under my ass and cleaning it with your tongue. Now you must inhale and suck clean my blue toilet paper panty to worship as it pleases Goddess.

#479 All Covered in Shit Trying on Panties, 4:44s

After smearing myself with 15 stinky loads of shit, I decided to try on some panties to make them all nice and filthy for my slaves to buy and worship. I try on numerous pairs of panties making them all dirty with my Goddess chocolate. Wanna a pair for your collection message me. I love it when slaves wear my shitty panties, smell them and worship them. 

#467 Inhale My Poopy Panties, 6:31s

I know how much you love my stinky, dirty asshole. I enjoy teasing you with my sexy ass using my cotton panty to wipe up my ass after pooping, so you may inhale my sexy ass again! I love knowing that you will be intoxicated with my powerful scents soon making your cock nice and hard for me! I want you to cum super hard while inhaling my poopy panties!   

#305 Poopy Halloween Panty, 2:32s

I want you to smell my cotton Halloween panties that I have been just wearing without wiping. My pussy is wet thinking of you smelling my dirty ass stains. I push out turds and then wipe my ass clean with my dirty panty adding more shit stains. Inhale and breathe in my powerful dirty ass aroma! I love using my panties as toilet paper for my toilet slut to inhale, taste, and cum buckets to my powerful poop!  

#289 Panda Ass Wipe. 3:28s

 I want you to clean up and smell my dirty ass after going to the bathroom.I put on my cute panda  cotton panties and push them into my shitty asshole using my panties to wipe up my ass. My pussy is nice and wet thinking of you inhaling my dirty and powerful scents from my worn panties.  I love when you smell and get off to my dirty stained panties. 

#288 Three Poops & Wipes, 11:43s

I’ve been thinking of you putting your nose right in my dirty asshole. I want you to watch as I poop three times then wipe leftover poop with my panty. I want my dirty ass panties sniffed, licked, and played with since it keeps my pussy so wet. I think about my slut stoking his hard cock with my panties, smelling me getting trapped by Goddess. Wearing my filthy panties is so hot! Inhale and taste my Goddess scents….I also love it when mydirty panties are worn by my toilet sluts!! 

#279 Shitty Pink Thong, 3:38s

I need to release the shit out of my big Goddess ass, so you can smell my dirty ass. I get on my knees ready for you to worship the shit pouring out of my asshole. My shit pours out like creamy chocolate, and it feels so good getting it out of my body. I allow you to kiss my dirty asshole as I push my asshole making sure all of my poop comes out of my sexy butt. I put on my dirty pink cotton thong to wipe clean my poopy asshole, so you can smell my dirty pink thongs. I love when you smell my dirty panties while you jerk off an especially when you poop! 

#270 Using my Panty as Toilet Paper, 13:02s

I have been wearing my white cotton fullback panty a lot! They are full of my pussy stains, cum, and discharge. Instead of using toilet paper to wipe any poop left on my ass, I love using my cotton panties. thinking of you smelling, sucking and jerking off to my dirty scented panties.I want you to watch as I go to the bathroom and then use the same white panties adding more shit stains and marks in my I prepare my filthy panties. I want you to smell my powerful ass aroma trapped in my cotton panties. I love having my scents inhaled from my panties used as toilet paper to clean up my dirty asshole.

#268 Inhale My Shit Stained Panty, 4:22s

I have been enjoying wiping my dirty asshole with my pink cotton panties thinking of you. I want my toilet to be intoxicated by my dirty ass wiped panties, they are to be made into a bedtime mask. I want my powerful Goddess scents trapped surrounding my toilets head as you sleep. I give you instructions to worship all of my big ass, and clean up all the shit stains from my dirty pink panty. I spread my ass cheeks, so you can watch as I wipe my poopy asshole clean. I want you to smell nothing but my Goddess ass, as you sniff and cover your face with my dirty, shitty panties. I hope you dream pleasant dreams while sleeping with my panties on your face. Inhale MY panties used as toilet paper to wipe my shitty ass! 

#253 Clean Up My Panties, 3:37s

I have been wearing my white cotton fullback panties for several days thinking of you smelling and tasting my cummy pussy and dirty ass stains. I love thinking about your hard cock as you smell my worn panty. My ass is dirty now, so I need you to clean up my poopy butt and clean up my and cum hard to my stained panties. 

#218 After Prego BBW Grey Panty Wipe, 5:18s

I just took a shit, and I want you to clean up my creamy poo from my thick thighs and big ass. Instead of using toilet paper to clean myself up, I used a worn cummy panty to wipe the poop from my sexy body. I want you to put my dirty panties on you head and over your face so you may inhale my powerful scents as well as sucking clean all of my stains. I want my panties a clean grey again!

#146 Even Dirtier Panty Wipe, 4:06s

I have just made a huge mess of myself, and I want to add more of my dirty ass stains to my tight silky fullback panties. I am on my hands and knees and reveal that my ass and thighs are covered with my shit. I stand up so you may watch as I wipe my dirty ass with my worn panties. I wipe my dirty butt, and add more poop and stains to my fullback panties. My pussy is wet as I wipe thinking of you getting off to my powerful scented and stained panty! 

#145 Filthy Ass Panty Wipe, 2:41s

I am naked in my bedroom after pooping. I spread my ass cheeks showing off my dirty asshole. I want my sexy Goddess ass worshiped, so I use my tight silky fullback panties to wipe my ass with. Then I turn around and begin to push the panty gusset into my wet pussy. I want all of my sexy body worshiped and enjoyed. After I am done wiping up, I put back on the dirty tight fullback panty. I want all of my scent on my panties, so I rub my pussy and ass more while wearing them some more. I can’t wait for you to smell and clean up my sexy dirty worn panties! 

#110 Dirty Ass Thong, 2:18s

My ass is a little bit dirty and I desire my dirty panty worshiper to clean up my shit covered asshole. I spread my big ass cheeks and use my cute plaid thong to wipe my ass clean. I push my thong into my ass and then show you the shit stains I just made. I want to add more of my Goddess cum and ass to my thong, so I put them back on. I rub my pussy through my thongs and then allow you to worship my sexy ass in thongs before giving you a kiss goodbye.

#65 Dirty Ass Panty Wipe, 2:27s

I just went poop and my asshole is still a little dirty because I did not wipe it. I show you my filthy butt, but I pull up my cute, silky, floral bikini panty to wipe up my dirty ass. I rub and push my fingers over my panties and into my ass adding my dirty poop stains in my panties. It pleases me having my worn, dirty panties inhaled, licked, masturbated in, and also worn. It is such a turn on! I pull down my panties, so you may get a nice look of my sexy pussy and ass. Worship MY Dirty, Sexy Panties!!

#34 Panty Toilet Paper, 3:25s

I want you to clean my dirty asshole. I go into my living room naked with my ass still dirty after taking a shit. I lean against my couch and spread my ass and use my panties like toilet paper on my dirty ass. Now, clean up my sexy dirty ass and panties!  

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