Worn Shoes

I love wearing my favorite shoes until they are worn out and trashed. I love having my used shoes sniffed, licked, and cum the after I have worn them forever soaking in my powerful foot scents. Email me id you desire to buy content, worn shoes, custom video, or request.  scatgoddess@gmail.com

I haven’t gone to the bathroom in a week, and I have been thinking about pooping in my older girlfriend’s Ked sneakers again. I can feel that this will be a much better poop to fill her worn shoes with and get my feet all messy. I get the urge, but poop is already coming out of my asshole before I can get my clothes off. I am naked in my girlfriend white Keds and push out a big creamy poop into both shoes. I am so turned on and feeling so much better now after releasing a huge load. I lick and play with my feet and get them all messy with my yummy creamy load. I cum so hard getting filthy in my girlfriend’s white shoes. I think I made her shoes smell much better after I added my shit and wore them after her! 


My sexy older redhead girlfriend with fake boobs loves wearing Ked sneakers. For the last five years that is the only style of sneaker that I have ever seen her wear. I believe one of the very first times she wore them to my house I said something to her about her shoes and asked if she liked her feet played with. Unfortunately, she said she doesn’t like feet and she is too ticklish. After all these years of not letting me play with her feet, she brought me a bag of her worn sneakers. I am horny and naked in my redhead girlfriends worn Ked sneakers. I have been thinking about licking my sweaty feet after being in my girlfriend’s tennis shoes. I begin licking and smelling my sexy feet. after removing her shoes. Also I have been thinking about how I want to get filthy in them. I feel the urge to poop, and push out small firm poop balls that I put in my girlfriends shoes. I put them back on, and then remove my shoes to taste and smell my dirty poopy toes and get off some more. It turns me on and gets me off hard masturbating, licking my feet, sucking my toes, and eating my poop in my girlfriend’s sneakers. She has no idea of how filthy I get, so I had to get filthy!


I have been saving a little over 15 loads of my poop, so I can smear my poop all over my sexy thigh high leather boots. I have been so horny, craving to get all dirty and get off like I need to.My neck and back was hurting when i woke up Friday morning, but I was hoping it would feel better later on in the day after my saved poop bags unthawed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to move without pain until Sunday, so I was really thinking about my poop since it had been sitting for days outside. I was so horny ready to get my clean leather boots covered brown, so you couldn’t tell that they were black before. Enjoy watching while I smear loads and loads of my sexy shit all over my thigh high leather boots making them even sexier to wear! This is the first video shot under better studio lighting, so you can watch as I get filthy and cum super hard. I came so hard smearing my hot leather boots with all my poop!!!! 


#752 Horny in Funky Birkenstocks Sandals, 27:54s

Follow me while I go to the bathroom and pee at two different stores on different days while wearing my funky worn out Birkenstock sandals. At the first store I fuck my pussy and ass with a dildo in the bathroom stall while smelling my foot aroma and feeling my dirty sandals. I walk around barefoot a lot, so the soles of my feet get pretty dirty sometimes. I don’t care to clean my feet, so the foot junk builds up, but it keeps my pussy wet. Cum hard to my funky Birkenstock sandals and my sexy feet!

I have not taken a shower in several days and my natural scents are becoming very fragrant While I am out shopping, I need to use the bathroom, smell and taste myself. I think my menstrual cycle will be starting soon because my nipples are so hard and I am so horny! I go into the stall, and unbutton my pants and reveal what I have been hiding underneath my shirt that has been making my pussy even wetter. I was glad i was able to stop in the bathroom when I did because I really had to go pee and poop. While I was squatting on the toilet shitting a woman came in the stall next to mine. That really turned me on smelling all of my dirty scents while listening to her use the restroom and wondering what she thought of my strong smelling feet and shit! I was horny and tasted my poop and got off before leaving the store’s bathroom stall. I came home and had to pee again. I was still excited, so I teased my pussy masturbating with my powerful vibrator on my bed. I came over and over again while wearing my shit stained silky panties and sweaty worn my off black pantyhose. I stay so horny thinking of you smelling all of my sexy dirty scents! 


#553 Silky Panty & Yummy Coach Shoes Poop, 25:01s

I have been thinking about you all day wearing my silky fullback panties. I haven’t masturbated in a couple days and now I need to poop, so I go to my kitchen, so I can get off. I tease you with my sexy ass before making a mess and going to the bathroom in my sexy panties. I am so horny looking at and smelling my poopy panty and I need to cum badly! I’m excited to try out my new wand and anal bead attachment in my dirty ass, so I lay down on the kitchen floor. It feels different, but very good since the beads are vibrating in my ass. I look over and see that some poop from my panty fell into my cute Coach flat shoes. I had been craving to get dirty, and I just needed to taste my poop. while cleaning up my cute expensive shoes!!! 

#510 Sweaty Bathroom Break, 9:05s

I have been wearing my tight exercise belt all day long and I am dying to go pee. As soon as I go into the bathroom, my hubby decides to go to the bathroom too(you do not see or hear him since I have jack and jill style in my house where the two bathroom doors adjoin. He can’t see me, but he can hear me when he is in his bathroom. He knew I needed to go to the bathroom bad too! I take off my exercise belt and see how wet and cummy the crotch of my white silky panties have gotten. The smell of my panties mixed with the smell of my sweaty from coming from my canvas shoes that had been on my feet all day. I begin smelling my dirty panties and my sweaty shoes. My pussy is getting so horny thinking about having my piss enjoyed by my fans as well as having my hubby on the other side of the door while I was being naughty smelling my own dirty scents getting turned on by the smells as well as thinking about my worshipers inhaling me. I love how I smell when I wear my panties over and over again until they are all stained up and thickly crusted with pussy juice and discharge. The aroma of my sweaty feet smell so good too and makes my pussy cum good while I am peeing. I thought I just had to pee, but I was surprised by poop coming out of my ass. I got so horny smelling my pussy, ass, and feet, I had to finger my wet dripping pussy! Worship all that comes from my body even my sweat!

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